Friday, October 2, 2009

Tories set to become natural governing party

This article in the Globe and Mail pleasantly struck me this morning by

Michael Bliss

"In this autumn of our usual discontent with politics and politicians, we do not seem to be noticing that the balance between Canada's major parties is at or very near a historic tipping point. Stephen Harper's Conservatives have seized the central ground of the political spectrum and are poised to become the country's natural governing party."

Another quote, "Sooner or later, the contempt that many in our chattering classes still seem to feel for the Conservatives in general and Mr. Harper in particular is going to begin to give way to the realization that he is on the verge of becoming the next Mackenzie King."

"Neither colourful nor lovable, Mr. Harper is emerging as a master strategist." We conservatives have known this along.

Hope he's right. Would be nice and about time. The Liberal party has had it's time in the sun.

Thank you Hedy Fry

We all must applaud Lib MP, Crosses are burning, Hedy Fry for uncovering what those evil Conservatives are up to.

A couple of weeks ago she made us aware of how ashamed we are that our PM embarasses us abroad. She sent out a flyer stating so.
"Fry said that under the Harper government, people from other countries have lost respect for Canada's principles." CTV

Oooooh, now Hedy informs us of this: "Canada’s Olympic Games belong to all Canadians. While it is clear that the Conservative government’s multimillion-dollar infrastructure campaign is crassly partisan, can the prime minister at least stop trying to politicize the Canadian Winter Olympics?” Liberal MP Hedy Fry asked in the House of Commons.

Hedy, get a grip, it is you who should be embarassed of your party. BTW you're not helping your party. We are NOT ashamed of PM Harper and the Conservatives. We are proud of them.

Thank you Hedy for helping to make your party look more and more desperate and ridiculous with each passing day.