Monday, October 17, 2011

Yeah,Farmers To Finally Get Freedom!


For almost 70 yrs now western Canadian grain producers have been forced by the government to market their grain through the Canadian Wheat Board.  My grandfather,father and uncles had no choice but to sell their grain to the CWB where there were quotas.  The CWB told you when you could sell, for what price and how much grain you could sell in one quota period and that quota period was only for a limited time. Plus you had to have you permit books which kept track of the quotas and your sales.

They won't be able to take advantage of it but I know for sure my dad is glad and if grand dad and my uncles were still alive they would all be happy that  the federal  government will finally this week introduce legislation so that western Canadian farmers can finally have choice in marketing their wheat and barley.. August 1,2012 is the date the government is aiming for when farmers will have their freedom. 

We are living in the 21st century and with the internet and commodities marketing I'm sure many farmers will be able to handle marketing their own grain quite fine  For farmers who don't want to market their own grain, the CWB will still be  there for them. and if the CWB wants to survive they'll be forced to be competitive   Farmers will have choice and there's no good reason why they shouldn't.have that choice. It's a no brainer. It's a win,win for everyone.

Let's hope August 1,2012 will truly be a day to celebrate when farmers will finally have choice. It will be long overdue.

The bill will most likely pass because the Conservatives have a majority in the House and the Senate.  Farewell, single desk!!!