Thursday, September 30, 2010

Liberals Poaching An NDP Idea?

Is The Liberal party so bereft of any new  ideas that they seem to be poaching ideas from their coalition partners?  They are working on a plan for Homecare.
A major initiative in the works, according to insiders, is on health care – specifically, home care. The new plan would see new forms of financial assistance for family caregivers, people who have to take time from work to tend to aging parents or family members stricken by mental or physical illnesses.
This would be done for thousands of families through increased benefits, a major one being an expansion of the employment insurance system. There’s a compassionate care benefit in the existing EI, but Liberals say it’s too small and overly restrictive.
The party also wants more investment in institutionalized home care – professional caregivers going to homes – and will push for that in the coming renegotiation of the federal-provincial health accord. But this is a more dubious prospect. Their emphasis will be where the federal government has the most power to act – a concrete plan for family caregivers.
 This happens to be  an NDP idea in which Larry Martin fails to point out.
By 2026, the number of Canadian seniors will double to 8 million. Darrell tells me one in four Nova Scotians will be 65-plus by then.
These are folks who worked hard, paid their dues, and deserve dignity in their elder years.So we need to start building capacity in homecare and long term care — now.
We’re already falling behind. Some hospitals now devote a quarter of their acute beds to seniors waiting for better options.
Expanding quality, affordable long-term care will ease that pressure on hospitals, cut waitlists, and give seniors their dignity.
Investing in home care will do the same — and not only for seniors. It’ll reduce hospitalization, help people heal, and save the system money.
Home care today is a loose patchwork of programs resting on a foundation of unpaid care by overstretched loved ones.
Nova Scotia is making strides help seniors stay in their own homes & communities — but you shouldn’t have to go it alone.
Roy Romanow called home care the “next essential service.” We’re ready to make home care the first major expansion of public medicare in 40 years.
Is this poaching an idea? Is it a coincidence? Or is it more evidence of a coalition?  Both their ideas are eerily similar.   The coalition of the losers seem to be more in sink with each other than not these days IE-gun registry, census, etc. so who knows?

A few days ago I warned you that there would be denials.    Just as I thought. Yesterday Iffy denied it but Norm Spector did a good job remind us all of what he has said previously in his own words.  Today the Globe and Mail editorial is denying it  also saying it's just PM Harper's fantasy and there is no sign of coalition.
Political parties are entitled to agree with each other from time to time, without being accused of having formed a coalition. For several weeks, the federal Conservatives have been claiming that the Liberals, the NDP and the Bloc Québécois are in a coalition. A particular convergence of opposition parties on this or that issue is no sign of any such alliance.
 What I also stated in my previous post was Don't believe them. because you can't trust either the opposition or the Lame Stream Media.  Is there a coalition or isn't there?  Maybe not openly at the moment but would they form one after the next election?  I think it's more likely than not.   They would stop at nothing to gain power. They are so power hungry they can taste it.   They are treacherous so  we need to watch them closely.