Wednesday, August 12, 2015

This Is How Justin Would Grow the Economy

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 Justin Trudeau has a totally awesome way to grow the economy.
I kid you not!

Trudeau Says Liberals Would Bring Transparency to Government

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Justin Trudeau claims if elected on Oct. 19 Liberals would clean up government.  

  “We will make information more accessible by requiring transparency to be a fundamental principle across the federal government,” Trudeau said in Montreal on Day 10 of the election campaign
His plan for the Senate is basically status quo.
Trudeau also said a Liberal government would bring substantial change to the scandal-tainted Senate by bringing in a merit-basedappointment process.

Uh, yeah the Liberals are fine ones to talk about transparency in government.
 Maybe they should pay back the $40 million that the Libs stole from taxpayers through adscam before they talk about transparency and cleaning up government.