Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another Lobby Group Attempting to Stifle Free Speech

Seems like lobbying against free speech in Canada is in fashion these days.  You had Aavaz, Care2, now Friends of Canadian Broadcasting. is attempting to stifle free speech.  Spokesman, Ian Morrison wants SunTV quashed because it will "make us fearful, frail and divided." Are we all supposed to be robots to the liberal mantra instead of having an alternative source that we may think for ourselves?
In an e-mail appeal to supporters, Friends spokesman Ian Morrison pleads, “... make an investment right now so that we can oppose the powerful forces that wish to make us fearful, frail and divided.” The e-mail claims that the group is “working hard to protect the public interest” and that they need to expand their reach ahead of CRTC review of the Sun TV application.

As Brian Lilley  also states, Friends of Canadian broadcasting raises millions of dollars but discloses hardly anything of what they do with the money. Plus the organization nor Ian Morrison are registered as lobbyists even though they are lobbying both the CRTC and the Minister of Heritage not only to stop SunTV but other issues as well.  Friends disputes the idea that they are required to register. Friends of Canadian Broadcasting also claim they are non partisan and that their mission is to defend and enhance the quality and quantity of Canadian programming. OK.  So why are they trying to stop SunTV then?
If they were truly interested in "protecting public interest" they wouldn't be opposing this new channel.  They would  welcome it and  encourage more and diverse opinions so that the public can have more choice.  Obviously they don't really want  more and better quality Canadian media especially if it gives an alternative point of view.