Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rosie DiManno: Cry Me A River, Omar!

 Obviously one of the more reasonable columnists from the Toronto Star, Rosie DiManno has not much sympathy for Omar Khadr.
Omar Khadr would have been a different person with a different father.
So what? So would we all.
There’s no retroactive mercy for felons who’ve grown up with lousy parents, in deranged households, taught wickedly in the ways of the world. That defence doesn’t work for child molesters, rapists and serial killers, many of whom were subjected to horrific mental and physical abuse, scars that never fade.
I see no reason why it should be asserted as an absolving excuse for the crimes to which Khadr has now admitted — because he had the misfortune of being born into an Al Qaeda family.
She goes on to dispel some of  those excuses that the left make for "poor little Omar."   Why anyone would see Omar as an innocent little babe is beyond me especially now when he has confessed to his crimes and feels happy about killing the US soldier whenever he thinks about it. He has absolutely no remorse. That little twerp wouldn't have hesitated if it would have been a Canadian medic instead of an American. He would have thrown that grenade regardless.  How would have the left reacted?  Probably not much different.  That is sad, really sad.  In fact whether left realizes it or not, it's down right dangerous. If you think about it, they tend to coddle and protect terrorists more than innocent citizens and that folks is scary.

Kudos to Rosie DiManno, she  has it spot on:  "Cry me a river, Omar!"