Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Could Happen If Jack Becomes PM

Jack Layton could very well become PM next week.  For Canada it would be  a travesty. Jack would transfer the wealth. He would shut down the oil sands, raise the corporate tax rate up to 19%, impose a job killing carbon tax. Basically he would rape western Canada and give the proceeds to Quebec and special interest groups.  It would cause economic chaos.  Look what has happened  in the US with President Obama.  That would happen here too. 

In fact the whole country would suffer in more ways than one. We  would go further into debt and deficit that would bankrupt the country. Any province who has had an NDP government knows what it's like.  It's been a disaster.  With Jack Layton at the helm it would be a disaster all over the country.

In order to stay in power Jack would give Quebec the moon  and force all federal public employees to speak French that includes the Supreme Court Justices.  Well qualified individuals namely from the west would most likely be excluded. 

Many westerners will not want see their province  be raped by likes of the socialists and go down the tubes to spread the wealth especially to Quebec. They've gotten enough already.

If Canadians don't WAKE UP, I believe you will see western separatism rise up like you've never seen before . Unlike Quebec that uses it just as a  threat for blackmail, western Canada namely Alberta would actually act. There will a national unity crisis. Even the PQ in Quebec said just a couple of weeks ago first they want to see a weak government in Ottawa, then they would win the provincial election, then referendum.

As  a western Canadian from Alberta, I cannot sit idly by and allow this to happen. We don't have to end up with that kind of a situation. there is still  time left so get out there and get that Conservative majority to prevent a catastrophe.

Unity crisis, economic disaster, our military being gutted etc.  Is that what you  want?

 PM Harper and his government have done a good job the last five years.  We are the envy of the world why spoil that?  Even the Globe and Mail usually Harper Conservative hating paper is admitting that Stephen Harper is the man for the job and has endorsed the Conservatives.

CANADA WAKE UP!!!!!  Because come the morning of May 3 you may wake up to something you might not like.