Thursday, November 18, 2010

Liberal Volunteers Have to be Rewarded?

What has happened to the Big Red Liberal Machine? If Jane Tabolo is to believed, there seems to be a lack of morale and enthusiasm amongst Liberal volunteers in the three by-elections that are to be decided later this month. According to Jane, volunteers have to be cajoled by rewarding them to go out and work for the party.
Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals are offering up big prizes – tickets to Ottawa Senators games and even a $150 gift certificate to Hy’s Steakhouse – to round up volunteers to help them identify the Grit vote in upcoming by-elections.
But this odd pitch for help has some Liberals wondering where the Grit spirit has gone. Why do volunteers have to be cajoled?
 Could it be the internal numbers are not encouraging?  Is it the the Waffle's leadership or just the party itself?   As a long time Liberal MP has put it:
But a long-time Liberal MP sees it differently: “It speaks to the lack of morale and enthusiasm. It used to be that people eagerly volunteered. Now they have to be ordered or rewarded.”
It says a lot about the current Liberal party if the grass roots have to be bribed to go out and work.

I don't see them winning   Dauphin-Swan-River-Marquette in Manitoba, that will stay CPC.  I believe the NDP will probably retain Winnipeg North.  As far as Vaughn, it could very well swing CPC.   That riding will in my opinion  depend on GOTV but do you have to bribe your workers to get that vote out?