Monday, March 19, 2012

Wildrose to Unveil Their Full Slate of Candidates


 With an election expected to be called any day the Wildrose Party is to unveil their full slate of candidates today.  There will candidates in all 87 ridings plus three candidates for senate elections. 
We need to boot the old tired corrupt PC party out and get some fresh blood in the Alberta Legislature.
 Wildrose candidate in Calgary MaCall, Gary Dauphin is sensing an appetite for change. 
Grant Galpin, Wildrose candidate for Calgary McCall, said there is an appetite for change.
The Tories have suffered recently over several controversies.
“I think it’s going to be a very competitive election going forward and I think from a Wildrose perspective, and certainly from a personal perspective, I think there is a real growing sense there could be a significant change going forward,” he said.
“It is quite a feat for a relatively new party to ... go from one MLA to not only having additional MLAs due to floor crossing, but to also suddenly be competing at a level of head-to-head with a major party that has been in power for 40 years.”
 With Wildrose nipping at the heels of the PCs in the polls this campaign  will sure to be a hard fought one on both sides.   We need to get out and support these Wildrose candidates in anyway we can.  Call your local association to volunteer, donate money, get the message out to everyone you come into contact with.

Remember the PCs are NOT conservative in any way shape or form.  Don't be fooled.  There is only one conservative party in Alberta and that party is the Wildrose.