Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dave Rutherford on Fire Today, Tears Lame Stream Media Apart

  You have to go listen to Dave Rutherford this morning in Audio Vault.  The fire is in the belly today that's for sure. He does a very good job tearing apart the Central Lame Stream Media.  He feels there certainly is a campaign on to invoke fear of PM Harper and the Conservatives.  He points out all the distortions of the media.  He starts out in his first segment talking about this weird phony bizarre story the CBC put out last night.
Later on in the show he rants on about how the Lame Stream media is trying distort to scare voters on various issues.  He goes after Jeffery Simpson, James Traversty and Susan Delacourt etc.   You can listen here starting with the first segment @ approx. 9:06am then go on to the later segment @ approx. 10:35am.  Enjoy, you'll be glad you did.   It's a must listen.