Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Be Grateful for PM Harper and His Team

I pray everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  We are truly blessed in this country as is stated in this Finacial Post article.
 I say we should be thankful for PM Harper and his government.  They are responsible for guiding us through a very tough recession.  Even though our economy is still fragile, we are better off than many other countries that's for sure.   Are they perfect?  No.   Sure they've made some mistakes. Who's asking for perfection anyway?

Consider the alternative.  It gives me shivers down my spine.  Who knows where the coalition of the losers would have taken the country had they had the chance by now?  The deficit would probably be at least double of what it is today. Unemployment would be a lot higher than 8%.  We'd probably  have the green shift, 360hr. EI, universal child care program, Kelowna accord and who knows what other God forsaken big spending social programs. 

Where would we be in our foreign policy? They can't even agree who the real instigator is in the formation of the loser coalition never mind a cohesive foreign policy.  Gilles and Jack both want to take credit. We'd end up be a laughing stock on the world stage.   Immigration?   Give us your terrorists, your criminals, your despots, your pedophiles etc.!  

Just think about this.  Gilles would actually be running the show.  What ever is good for Quebec!  Yup Quebec would have more power over ROC than they have now.  They have way to  much power right now the way it is.  How does that sit with ya? The coalition of the losers?  Canada would become a basket case.

So yeah, get on your knees and thank God for PM Harper and his team. We are blessed to have them in office at this time.  They have done pretty well considering all the obstacles. Minority government, a contentious opposition, a hostile media, etc.  They are deserving of a majority next time around I think. They will have earned it.

Join me in thanking God everyday for PM Harper and all of his team.   Pray for wisdom as they weigh through all the obstacles they have to face each and everyday. They need it. Each day is an uphill battle.