Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Why Is This News?

The Idle No More protests and Chief Theresa's liquid diet has lost support of the public. Parliament is not in session, the Liberal party leadership debate the other day was nothing much to really write about so the media party has to find something to report.

Void of any real news, they come out with this:  
Stephen Harper makes a grammatical error on Twitter
We're all guilty of grammar faux pas every now and again — especially on social media.
It's not a big deal — unless you're the prime minister of Canada.
Stephen Harper, or one of Stephen Harper's ghost-tweeters, made a grammatical error on Monday while posting a picture in commemoration of President Barack Obama's inauguration.
The grammatical error — of course — is the 'I.' The tweet should have read "One of my favourite photos of @barackobama and me."

Really?  Come on! This crap? So what? Who cares? Why is this even news?  

Gee, the author of this garbage admits that we all make mistakes every now and then and that this is no big deal but why bring it up then?  Are there no real stories out there to report on?

How about doing some investigative journalism into maybe how some of these big Indian Chiefs on some of the reserves are really spending our money or why the cops aren't forcing the law at the Idle No More blockades?  Oh wait, that would be too hard and  most likely wouldn't fit into the narrative that the Stephen Harper government is mean and racist.  

No wonder fewer and fewer people are paying attention to the media party anymore.    They keep continuing to lose credibility everyday.

They call themselves "professionals?"  Ha! This kind of stuff is not even worthy of a  sixth grade newsletter.