Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pot Calling Kettle Black? Re-Long Gun Registry

Michael Waffle Ignatieff says that if coalition partner, Jack Layton doesn't be a control freak and and whip his NDP members into voting against CPC MP Candice Hoeppner's Bill C-391 to scrap the long gun registy, Jack and his party have "no darn principles."

Norman Spector raises the question about who are really the ones with no "darn principals."  He nails it in the last part of his column.  
 Frankly, in light of the history of these two political parties, it’s ludicrous for any Liberal to claim advantage over the NDP when it comes to questions of principle. Whether you agree with those principles or not.
I’ve never written about the long-gun registry, and have no pony in the race over whether it survives or is abolished. However, it doesn’t surprise me that members of Jack Layton’s caucus — confronted by Conservatives playing wedge politics and rubbing their hands in glee at the reaction — would be thinking toward the next election and be trying to live up to commitments they made to the folks who sent them to Ottawa in the last one.Any more than it surprises me that Liberal MPs will say or do most anything — even on fundamental issues such as Afghanistan or the Quebecois nation where the party has some history to defend — to re-gain their “rightful” role as Canada’s natural governing party.  Whatever commitments they may have made in the past to voters.
 So who are the ones with principal?

 On this one, I think Jack Layton even though he's trying to skirt around this by proposing a phony so called comprise bill, he and his Dippers are the ones with principal if Jack keeps his word and allows a free vote, not the Waffle and the Libs.  Remember, it is the Waffle who is whipping his members to vote against even though over a half dozen voted for Bill C-391earlier.  As Norm Spector says, Liberals will do or say anything to regain power.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Outrage About Census, Less About Pro-Coercive Census, More About Anti-Harper

Gary Slywchuk from the Winnipeg Free Press says this brouhaha over the census is farcical.
He applauds the governments decision to take away the threats of fines and jail time if you don't fill out the long form census and points out there have been 8,000 stories in the news, way more than health care or the economy in which  are issues that all Canadians are concerned about.
On Aug. 11, the federal government announced its intention to, in Industry Minister Tony Clements' words, "introduce legislation this fall to remove threats of jail time for persons refusing to fill out the (2011) census and all mandatory surveys administered by the federal government."
This seemed pretty innocuous and something I personally applauded. I don't know about you, but threats aren't the greatest way to get me to do something.
But, since then, there have been more than 8,000 news stories on the census -- way more articles and commentaries than on our health-care system (just more than 1,000) and only a smidgen fewer than articles and commentaries on the economy. Come on, people, where are your priorities?

Those letters to the editor he points out are less pro-coercive but more anti-Harper.
As for the number of letters to the editor in various publications, it seems obvious, at least to me, that many of the writers were less pro-coercive census than anti-Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

I tend to agree.   If you notice, all that rhetoric has been coming from the anti-Harper, anti-Conservative minions in the media and else where.  Their MO is to find anything to slag the PM and his government about and make them look bad.  My sense is they hate this PM and this government, want them out and will do anything it takes.  It gets more pathetic everyday.

They  thought this issue would resonate with voters, it has  not much like many other issues they thought would. The fact is the general public just does not care about this issue.  What average Joe and Mary Sixpack are concerned about is jobs, economy, their kids, health care not this. 

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day Two, Wayne Doorknob Easter Gets Called Out

Yesterday Dave Rutherford called Wayne Doorknob Easter out for his criticism of Conservative patronage appointments.  Today L.Ian Macdonald comes out swinging at Doorknob Easter.
The Grits wheeled out Wayne Easter, one of the shrillest voices in the House, to denounce Stephen Harper for “another case of the PM having broken (his) word.”
The word being that in his Reform-Alliance days in Opposition, Harper was always quick to denounce the Liberals rushing to the trough, promising to reform the appointments process if he formed a government.
Welcome to the NHL, Wayne. That was then, this is now. Or as Robert Bourassa once put it in a similar context in Quebec: “What, you expect us to do business with our enemies?”
Easter represents a Prince Edward Island riding, and on P.E.I. there is an old saying: “If it moves, pension it; if it doesn’t, pave it.”
Easter likes to work with props to make his case.
He once had his picture taken with a doorknob at a newser whose purpose was to illustrate waste in an upgrade of a government building.
This was a bad career move. The Hon. Member from Doorknob.
At his press conference denouncing Tory patronage, he awarded Harper and cabinet colleagues little trophies with smiling pigs on top. Clearly, it was no time for subtlety.
To be clear, the $25,000 donated to Tory coffers by Conservative appointees was within the individual limit of $1,100 per year under the Harper government’s 2006 Federal Accountability Act.
No law was broken, and no appointments were bought.
And if a couple of future judges once made donations to the Tories, or were party activists while in private practice, it is hardly a first for lawyers, and hardly constitutes buying seats on the bench. Applicants for judgeships have to pass a peer review before their names make a short list. That’s how it works, and generally speaking, it works very well. Imagine, lawyers in politics. Shocking.
Doorknob Easter isn't doing himself any favor with these over the top outrageous exaggerations if not outright mis-truths.  Earlier this year with his shrill over the top outrage he accused former Tory Cabinet Minister Helena Guergis of having a meltdown at the airport in Charletown that later turned out not to be true.  The airport video that was later shown to a few reporters showed Helena did not have the temper tantrum meltdown that Easter had accused her of. In fact she apparently was quite calm through out her whole ordeal. I hope Helena sues the crap out of him.  Maybe he would gain a  little honesty and integrity and therefore  be a little careful in the future with  his accusations. But then I will not hold my breath, afterall  he's a Liberal. I don't think honesty and integrity is programed into the Liberal DNA.

What Doorknob Easter tends to forget when he accuses the PM of breaking a promise he should remember that it was the opposition who scuttled the appointments commission.
Easter or anyone in the opposition or the media has no reason to accuse the PM of a promise broken. The PM at least tried to keep his promise.  Hypocrisy! Nothing but hypocrisy!

Heads up: Dave Rutherford to testify in front of the committee at 9:30 am mtn.  Apparently not being televised but you can catch it online at the CPAC website.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dave Rutherford-1, Wayne Doorknob Easter-0

A must listen! Dave Rutherford interviewed Wayne Doorknob Easter this morning on his show about patronage appointments. Dave really gave Easter a good smack-down. You can listen right here. Click on 10:00AM then scroll to 35:03.

He says Stephen Harper is the worst PM for patronage appointments. Dave got him on Liberal patronage and Easter said Liberals weren't that bad. Yeah right! Dave points out that PM Harper's patronage appointments are 20% compared to Chretien's patronage appointments at 50%. Dave then points out that our Ambassador to the US, former Manitoba Premier, Gary Doer is an NDP. Then Doorknob goes on to admit that PM Harper has actually made some pretty good appointments. Easter is one of the biggest hypocrites that's for sure. Dave did a really good job putting Easter in his place. Wish we had more journalists that would give Easter a good smack-down like that.

Liberal patronage appointments-good

Conservative patronage appointments-bad

Heads up , Dave Rutherford has been called to testify at the Industry Committee tomorrow about the long form census. I think he said around 9:30AM EST.   He has no clue why just that he's been called. Should be interesting.

Go and read more that's related to this topic from fellow blogger.  (h/t) Paulsstuff

So You Think You Can Dance, Inuvik

How cool, PM Harper puts on his dancing shoes and joined in on some  traditional native dance last night in Inuvik and stole the show.
INUVIK, N.W.T. — Prime Minister Stephen Harper: So you think you can dance?
While he may not be trading in his suits for a shot at reality fame any time soon, the Conservative leader is apparently not shy about busting the odd move.
Three days into his week-long Arctic visit, Harper stole the show on Wednesday evening with an impromptu dance as aboriginals beat drums and sang traditional songs.
I bet the PM was more authentic and did a lot better than Iffy's dance at Caribana in Toronto earlier in the this summer.
Apparently he was quite a hit with the locals and had a good time.
Around 300 people packed into a stuffy recreation centre in Inuvik, NWT on Wednesday night, waiting for a glimpse of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
While he was having private meetings, the Inuvik Drummers and Dancers entertained the crowd, warming up for their turn in front of the PM.
Restless children entertained themselves with video games, while some fanned paper plates to stir up some fresh air.
Finally, Harper arrived, shaking hands with elders and children alike, before making his way to the front of the room.
For a few minutes he gamely watched the dancers perform, until Lillian Elias issued an invitation.
"Our tradition is that we invite everybody to join us when it is time for us to have a dance, a freestyle dance," said Elias, 67, who has been dancing about 10 years.
Health Minister Leona Agluuykak, who is from Inuvik, was first to her feet, joining a growing crowd preparing to the gentle beat of a drum.
Seconds later, Harper rose.
He accepted a pair of traditional cowhide and beaver fur gloves, and as the drumbeats picked up he shyly swayed and bounced.
But as the community closed in and their shouts grew louder, Harper grew bolder.
He crouched and shimmied, adding his voice to the chorus.
At the end, wild applause and a high five from one of the dancers.
Our PM obviously can let his hair down, enjoy himself and have some fun and can relate with regular people because he is a regular guy. He's a Tim Hortons, Walmart middle class kind of person. Neither he nor his wife were born with silver spoons in their mouths.  He and Lorraine knows what it's like to work hard, and pay the bills because they have lived in the real world.  It's quite different with Iffy, where it's actually an effort to try to  blend in. and connect. He can't do it, he just pretends, because he's just too much of an elite. 

I think PM Harper should relax and let his hair down more often. He deserves it.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kill Bill C-391,the Long Gun Registry

CPC MP Candice Hoeppner has sponsored Bill C-391 to scrap the ineffective costly long gun registry. The third and final vote comes up in approximately a month from now. Liberal MPs who had previously supported Candice's Bill will now vote against it because their leader,Iffy says he will now whip his members. Three Lib MPs have three different reasons. for changing their minds.
Three Liberal MPs, three different reasons why they will now vote against a private member's bill to repeal the long-gun registry — or at least, why they won't be voting for it.
And only one of them says it's because of the party whip.
It is clear though one Liberal MP is conflicted. Larry Bagnell, MP from the Yukon. What is he to do?
As for Larry Bagnell, Yukon MP, “there won’t be a choice” in how he is expected to vote. “It’s certainly not easy,” he said.

“It’s easier this time, in the sense that Ignatieff’s put forward a compromise, which no other Liberal leader has,” said Bagnell.
So it's now up to the NDP whether the registry will be scrapped or not.  Twelve NDP members had supported Bill C-391 before and I hope they will continue to support Candice and her bill.  The NDP suggests that  some Lib MPs will skip the vote when it comes up but Doorknob Wayne Easter claims  that's not an option. Have we not all heard that story before? That's what they've been doing it since 2006, why should they change now?
Several NDP MPs, who have a free vote, have suggested that some Liberal MPs may not show up.
But that’s not an option, said Easter.
“I’ve found it more troublesome often to not to show up, than to vote. Not showing up is...just not the way to do it,” he said, before adding:
Those MPs better remember who they actually work for.  They work for their constituents not their party or interest groups.
Meantime the National Post editorial lays out a good reason for killing the bill.
We stand among the abolitionists. The gun registry criminalizes law-abiding gun owners by penalizing them if they fail to register their guns. Yet it scantly inconveniences actual criminals, who don't register their guns anyway. Moreover, the cost of the program, estimated at over $2-billion, is far out of proportion to the theoretical effectiveness of the registry in preventing crime (though, admittedly, most of that money is a sunk cost). Even if it were true that a life or two had been saved because of the registry, orders of magnitude more good could be done with that money if it were instead invested in any number of other areas -- from projects to target cybercrime and child pornography, to programs to divert the at-risk youth who might one day be tempted to join the ranks of criminal gun-toters.
It's time to pressure those opposition MPs who previously supported Bill C-391 not to cave, stand up for their constituents and support Candice one more time to finally get rid of this cumbersome, intrusive, money sucking program.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

TorStar's Linda McQuaig on PM Harper, Fox, SunTV and a Sinister Plot

Left wing Toronto Star journalist, Linda McQuaig tries to connect PM Harper luncheoning in New York with Rupert Murdoch whose company owns Foxnews and Roger Ailes, president of that news channel with the new SunTV News channel due to come on air in 2011 and a plot to poison the Canadian public with right wing extremism. Oh the horror!
So it should be considered no big deal that, among those the PM has lunched with, is U.S. media billionaire Rupert Murdoch, who has probably done more than any single individual in recent years to push American politics sharply to the right.
It’s interesting to imagine, however, why our Prime Minister would want to meet with Murdoch, whose Fox News TV channel has poisoned U.S. political debate and nurtured America’s extremist right-wing Tea Party movement.
If you subscribe to the notion that Harper has no particular political agenda, his lunch with Murdoch in March 2009 might seem harmless, perhaps a purely social affair.
But the evidence suggests they were discussing plans to transform the Canadian political landscape by creating a right-wing, Fox-style TV station in Canada. Present at the lunch was Fox News president Roger Ailes, known for bringing cutthroat Republican campaign tactics to the screen.
She says there is evidence to suggest they were discussing creating a Fox TV here. What evidence? Having lunch together? How does she know what they were talking about?  Was she there?  I doubt it. Ooh,something sinister must have been going on.

She then goes on to suggest that just because Kory Tenecyke was in attendance that he must have been in on that  dark plot. Kory was PM Harper 's communications directer at the time and is now spearheading SunTV News. He had every right to be there.
Also present at the lunch was Harper aide Kory Teneycke, who has since become the front man in the bid by Quebec media mogul Pierre Karl Peladeau to get a specialty TV licence for a Fox News-style network in Canada.
Then the plot thickens:
Harper also met twice in early 2009 with Peladeau, according to Cheadle.
Whoa!  Big deal. PM Harper meets with Peladeau.  Were any of the media privy to what they were discussing?  Thought so.  Just more speculation.
Then there's the speculation that the PM is interfering with CRTC so that SunTV will obtain their license by trying to force big wig, Konrad von Finckenstein to resign.
Of course, Harper doesn’t hand out TV licences. That’s the job of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).
But Morrison says he’s heard that Harper has been trying to encourage CRTC chair Konrad von Finckenstein to resign, by offering him plum jobs. Von Finckenstein appears likely to stymie Peladeau’s bid for a first-tier licence that would deliver his station to all cable subscribers in the country.
 Does she have proof?  Didn't think so.  Morrison heard. Heard where and from who? More speculation.
Then there's that nasty right wing extremism.
 There’s been a tendency in the Canadian media to dismiss the threat of a Fox News transplant, on the grounds Canadians wouldn’t fall for that sort of nasty, right-wing extremism.
But that comforting notion may be naive. Most citizens don’t have time to follow political stories in detail. If they hear constant sound-bites suggesting global warming is a hoax or public health care just doesn’t work, after a while the message starts to seem believable.
She's afraid that the public might see that global warming is hoax?  Yup, because it actually is!   Public health care doesn't work?  You bet!

Oh and the media is already moving to the right.  Yeah right!
Indeed, the Canadian political debate has already moved considerably to the right, particularly since Conrad Black created the National Post in 1998.
While the Post has struggled to capture audience share, it’s had a big impact on the media landscape. Its sneering attitude toward progressive ideas — now echoed by the Harper government — has pushed other media rightward, including the CBC, which is ever frightened of offending those in power. The CBC even hired Teneycke, an Ann Coulter-style pit bull, as a commentator.
The media already blast Canadians with a steady chorus of right-wing ideas. A Fox-style network here — if Harper gets his way — would turn that into a deafening cacophony.
Oh, the horror that Canadians get another point of view and have a choice in TV news instead of the left wing, anything anti-Christian, anti-conservative, anti-Harper pablum everyday. I think Linda is another one of the left wing, liberal, lame stream media who are very afraid that the public will get some truth and facts for a change instead of Liberal fiction. 

This story is another perfect example of that fiction. Just making things up. No proof, no evidence, just speculation.  I think Canadians are tired of that.  I am, aren't you?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Iggy's Magical Bus Tour is a Flop!

A new poll from Leger states the Liberal Express summer tour hasn't exactly turned the public on.
OTTAWA — The Liberal Express summer bus tour has been a flop, according to a new Leger Marketing poll.
At least it's failed if the plan was to introduce Michael Ignatieff to Canadians.
Less than one-in-ten Canadians say they know more about the Liberal leader now than when the tour began, and most of them are already Liberal supporters.
Of the 8% who say they know more about Ignatieff now, 59% say their opinion of him has improved, while 18% say it's worsened.
A total of 30% of Canadians still say they know nothing at all about the Liberal leader, with women and young people (under the age of 35) most likely to know nothing about him (36% and 34% respectively).
Also if an election were held today the results would be:

So it looks like after the media and bureaucrat driven census hub bub and Iggy visiting fairs, festivals, etc. in the dog days of summer all across the country has not produced the results that the Liberals and their supporters would have liked. Iggy and the Libs are just not getting any traction. He's been preaching mainly to the converted even among some of those his image has worsened.  What his handlers have been doing has not been working.  Maybe they should try a new strategy.

This pretty well sums it up, the plan for the public to get to know him better.
"If I was a Liberal party handler and was trying to do whatever I could to increase his (Ignatieff's) likelihood of getting elected, they're just not going about it the right way, obviously," Scholz said. "The Conservatives have a nine-point lead on the Liberals, which is a slightly higher gap than what we saw at the start of the summer.
"I think the Liberal Party would like to forget the summer of 2010."
Zing! Why else have we not heard much about the tour?  Because it hasn't been going the way they wished. They thought by now Iggymania would be sweeping the nation.  Hasn't quite worked out like that. After all he was supposed to be the second coming of Trudeau, right?

You've Got to Be Kidding!

Andrew Coyne's piece in Macleans really has my head shaking. Maybe I don't get it but I don't understand his latest.
People willing to endure what the Tamils did are just the kind we want 
What? Oh,really! If they go through the proper channels and not deemed to be a threat to our national security or a burden on the taxpayer, maybe.

So why all the fuss? There’s a suspicion that the organizers may be Tamil Tigers, the notorious terrorist group. The Tigers themselves are a despicable bunch, but helping hundreds of desperate people to reach freedom would seem the least of their crimes. Sometimes this is called “human smuggling” or “trafficking,” to give it an unseemly taint. But smuggling implies an attempt to evade detection: this ship, by contrast, went about its business openly. And while trafficking in human beings is obviously horrific when the “cargo” is destined for slavery, in this case the destination is Canada. However unpleasant their conditions may have been aboard ship, the $50,000 each of the Tamils reportedly paid for their passage is surely a bargain, if it means a chance to live in Canada.

Uh,Mr.Coyne, first of all, the captain of that boat has said to be a member of the Tamil Tigers. Secondly, human trafficking is against the law.  Thirdly, no it is not a bargain if they are slaves indebted to whoever they owe the money to, being shaken down all the time to pay back their $50,000.  Besides that money most likely would go to fund the Tiger terrorist group.  No thanks!

Is that the problem, then: are the Tamils, as it is said, “jumping the queue”?
Yes it is que-jumping because they get immediate medical care, processing etc. while others that go through the proper channels have to wait inline for a very long time.  They have already jumped the que for healthcare.

Some are concerned that this might be the first (well, the second: the first arrived last October) of many similar deliveries.
Umm...yeah. It sets a precedent and there are already reports that there are more going to be on their way soon.  Eighty boats have already been turned away from Australia this year!

A few thousand more refugees is not going to overwhelm us.
How does he figure that?  It's costing us millions to feed them, give them healthcare, process them etc.  Then what about when they cleared?  Many will be on welfare.

Perhaps it will be decided that the Tamils are mere economic migrants. Many people are very exercised about this, preferring that economic class immigrants go through the battery of tests the Immigration Department has devised to predict which of them will flourish most in Canada’s economy. Very well. I have a simple test for this, too. Here it is: have you just spent four months in the bottom of a boat to get here?

Remember the Vietnamese boat people of the 1970s?
Yes I do. That was a little different. Many of the Vietnamese boat people had to have sponsors. I remember,our church sponsored a family. Who is sponsoring the Tamils?

I don't think we should allow just anyone into our country.  We shouldn't allow anyone who will be a burden on the taxpayer or a threat to our national security.  If Mr. Coyne wants all these migrants,fine, he can take them in and support them with his own money and be responsible for them if any poses a threat to our safety and security.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ezra Levant vs Liberal MP Gurbax Singh Malhi

Kudo's to Sun Media! Brian Lilley has called out Lib MP Gurbax Singh Malhi when he responded to a column that  Ezra wrote earlier in the week stating that Malhi supported the Tamil Tigers.  He claims Ezra has the facts wrong about a rally that he spoke at earlier this year.
OTTAWA - An MP who stood in a sea of Tamil Tiger flags and listened as protesters chanted “Tamil Tiger, freedom fighter” is striking back at columnist Ezra Levant.
Liberal MP Gurbax Singh Malhi says a column that ran in QMI Agency newspapers earlier this week by Levant “misrepresents the facts in suggesting that I support the Tamil Tigers, when my allegiance is to the protection of human rights of individuals around the world.”
In a letter to the editor, Malhi stated that he has spoken out against violations of human rights wherever they have occurred around the world.
“Also note that the event at which I was present and that is mentioned in the column was actually a Tamil-Canadian community rally,” Malhi wrote.
Levant, in a column under the headline, End refugee free-for-all, had questioned why Tamils fleeing Sri Lanka were being treated as refugees when the United Nations does not.
“Let’s ask Gurbax Singh Malhi, a Liberal MP who spoke at a Tamil Tiger rally on Parliament Hill last March, surrounded by the terrorist group’s flags and portraits of Prabhakaran,” wrote Levant.
Here is the video that Brian Lilley posted with  his column with Malhi standing at Parliament Hill at a Tamil Tiger rally speaking in support of their cause. 

Tamil-Canadian community rally?  Right! Was it really?  Take note of the Tamil Tiger flags in the video.  Did he not notice the terrorist flags when speaking at that event?  Don't tell me he didn't.
Me thinks either Mr. Malhi is not exactly tell the truth, he's using revisionist history or he didn't do his homework before he attended that rally.  Gurbax, should maybe  go back and take a look at that video.
It might trigger his memory. That facts in that video speak for them selves   It clearly shows him lending his support to the group.   In any case he's wrong in his response to Era's column.

 Ezra Levant-1,  Lib MP Gurbax Malhi-0!   Thanks to Brian Lilley and Sun Media for bring this to light!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Compassion, How Far Should It Go?

The Liberals and Paul Dewar NDP MP both say the government should show "more compassion" where the Tamil migrants are concerned.
Earlier in the day, the federal Liberals called on the government to show more compassion and to “lower the tone” on the possibility that some of the Tamil refugee claimants might be criminals or terrorists with links to the banned Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.
NDP MP Paul Dewar said the government should focus on helping Sri Lanka to rebuild after a long civil war, instead of trying to block Tamils from entering Canada.
PM Harper has vowed to take a tough stand against illegals.  
This time, Ottawa is taking a tougher stand on illegal arrivals, with Prime Minister Stephen Harper Prime vowing to stop the flow of ship-borne migrants to Canadian shores, saying he will “not hesitate to strengthen the laws if we have to.”
“Canadians are pretty concerned when a whole boat of people comes – not through any normal application process, not through any normal arrival channel – and just simply lands,” Mr. Harper said at a news conference in Mississauga, Ont., on Tuesday.
David Warren aptly expresses that "compassion" as public policy is nearly always a fraud.
As a public policy, "compassion" is nearly always a fraud; and I have inserted the word "nearly" only in case I think of an exception after filing this column. I can't think of one now.
He then goes on to state what "compassion" for the Tamils mean for the Liberals.
 We are lucky, for the moment, to have a party in power that owes nothing to the Tamil Tigers. For the Liberals, the sham of "compassion" extended to fundraising events with their goons, and the settled party understanding that any large, fairly desperate, and culturally exotic pool of welfare-propending immigrants will make reliable Liberal voting fodder. Hence side-splitting expostulations of compassion.
Brian Lilley says how that "compassion" can be deadly. 
Canadians outraged over the queuejumping boat filled with would-be refugees are being told to be a bit more compassionate, to open their hearts.Unfortunately, the type of compassion being advocated could get someone killed.
L.Ian Macdonald clearly states that these Tamil migrants are taking advantage of our "compassion" jumping the que and suggests we invoke the Notwithstanding Clause.
It is quite another for human traffickers to make a mockery of Canada's territorial and political sovereignty. Nor can there be any doubt that this is a test case or a probe of Canada's capacity to fend off rogue ships before they reach our shores. And Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has warned that two more ships might already be in the water bound for Canada. Apparently, the first and only line of defence is to stop these ships before they ever leave their home ports. We would have to rely on the Sri Lankans for that. Criminal sanctions could also be considered against Tamils living in Canada who can be proved to have sent money home to bring relatives here illegally. And then there is the notwithstanding clause of the Constitution - it's there for a reason, use it or lose it.
Yes let's have compassion but only for those who are truly refugees. We cannot solve the world's problems, we have enough problems of our own.  What about compassion for our own.  Let's have compassion for our security and sovereignty.  What about our own that are living on the street, the elderly, and our veterans?  Above all,please, let's not allow our selves to taken advantage of. 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Support MP Candice Hoeppner to Scrap the Long Gun Registry

Candice Heoppner has launched a new website to promote her coast to coast tour to scrap the long gun registry that doesn't work and has wasted  huge amounts of taxpayer money.
Portage-Lisgar M.P. Candice Hoeppner has launched a new website promoting a summer tour by the M.P. to ridings across the country to rally support for her private member’s bill to end the long-gun registry. In order for the bill to survive the next vote in the House of Commons, she must retain the support of the 20 opposition members who supported it at second reading.
Mr. Iffy has vowed to whip his members into voting against it at  the third and final reading even though eight of his members  before voted  in favor of Candice's bill.  Same with the Dippers. Twelve had voted to scrap it but now apparently some are changing their minds.
Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has indicated he will whip the Liberal caucus vote, while earlier this month, N.D.P. Justice Critic Joe Comartin suggested that some of the N.D.P. members who originally supported Hoeppner’s legislation may now be changing their minds.
Go and visit Candice's new Scrap the Long Gun Registry website.  It's very well done.  Pressure your Liberal and NDP members who are wavering to vote in favor of finally scrapping the over bearing, overly costly long gun registry. Pressure the leaders and whips to allow a free vote.  The final vote will be coming up shortly after the house resumes in September on the 22nd.   Free the law abiding farmers and duck hunters!  Start the pressure now!

We Must Take Our Country Back

We have a real conundrum on our hands with the "so called Tamil migrant  refugees" docking on our shores.  First of all they are no migrants they are que-jumpers with possible ties to the terrorist group, the Tamil Tigers, LTTE. 
First of all, let's drop the "migrant" bunkum. It's meaningless left-wing political claptrap.
Call the 490 Tamil "migrants," now being processed in British Columbia because of our over-accommodating and therefore outdated refugee policies, something more reflective of what they truly are.
Like queue-jumpers, scam artists, back-door home invaders, plus a terrorist or two.
It's clearly obvious they are trying to take advantage of us because we are suckers.  We are really soft on immigration and asylum seekers.
Many Canadians would have preferred that we intercept their ship and send them back from whence they came but according to some we can't because of international law.  OK, but then we have a certain supreme court ruling that has said we must give migrants like these charter rights but according to Ezra Levant, that rule does not hold water. 
A tie vote at the Supreme Court 25 years ago doomed us to accept the ship of 490 Tamils that arrived in Victoria last week.
In a 1985 case called Singh v. Minister of Employment and Immigration, the court ruled that our Charter of Rights applied to foreigners, not just Canadian citizens.
Foreigners overseas could now use the Charter to enforce their “rights” against our country.
The six judges hearing that case were split on the subject, three against three. But a tie is broken by the Chief Justice. So one, unelected man changed Canada’s immigration system, granting foreigners the right to sue their way into our country, from wherever they might be in the world.
Some suggest that the PM  should use the not withstanding clause within the Charter in this case.  Maybe, but something has to be done in any case.  This cannot go on.  I think the PM should recall parliament immediately to get this headache dealt with. Introduce a bill that would prevent this from happening again. Make it a confidence measure and if need be take it to the people and let us decide.  This would be an issue to take into an election. Our country is at stake. We must not allow those who are not citizens to dictate to us.  
I am so sick and tired of being taken advantage of and scammed.  We must be careful who we allow into our house. We cannot be the dumping ground of the world. We must bombard our MPs,Senators the PM, the Minister of Immigration,  the Minister of Public Safety and the opposition leaders to let them know of our displeasure and demand something be done like yesterday.  Something with teeth that would not allow this kind of thing to happen again.

BTW. Forgive me for not posting the last couple days, I injured my right hand. The lid of the BBQ suddenly came slamming down on my hand the other day while I was checking on the fish that my husband had started BBQing.  It was swollen a bit and sore for awhile but it's better now nothing broken, just bruised a bit and a little tender.  I mustn't have lifted the lid the way I guess.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Other Provinces Consider Rolling the Dice

Alberta and Saskatchewan are considering online gaming after BC and Ontario recently started their online gambling sites.  BC had to immediately shut down theirs do to technical problems.

Online gambling would surely be a cash cow for cash strapped provinces but what about people who have gambling problems?  Gambling addiction has ruined careers, families, and lives.  Are our provincial governments so money hungry they are willing for gamblers risk all that is really important in life?   Then you and I have to pay to look after those addicts.

Yeah, yeah it will be controlled yada, yada, yada  but it just  doesn't sit well with  me. How about you?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Majority of Canadians Against Affirmative Action

It seems like the Libs and Dippers are on the wrong side of  public opinion on affirmative action.  A Leger poll that came out today states that a majority of Canadians are against hiring quotas.    When the government announced a few weeks ago they would be reviewing hiring practices in the civil service, the Libs and Dippers were bellyaching.

All this came about when fellow blogger, Sara Landriault  tried to apply online for a job in the Dept. of Immigration and was blocked because she was white. 

It looks like the public is behind Sara.   We wouldn't have been made aware of this if she hadn't brought it to our attention. I would like to thank her for that. Canadians agree that a job candidate should be hired on merit not race or gender.
OTTAWA - A healthy majority of Canadians say a person's race, gender or ethnic background shouldn't give anyone an inside track on a government job, a new poll provided exclusively to QMI Agency concludes.
Leger Marketing finds 59% of those surveyed in an online poll earlier this month say that only the "absolute best candidate" should be hired for any public service job, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity.
Leger also found 20% thought targeted hiring was fine so long as the successful candidate meets all the job requirements.
"That tells me that 75% of Canadians think, that what we should do, is the best person should be put into that position regardless of other issues," said David Scholz, Leger Marketing's vice-president.
  The government's review process though needs to be done as quickly as possible though so action can be  taken to change this travesty.  The coalition of the losers need to get with the program, seems like their out of step again with the public.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

End the Public Subsidy for Party Financing

I very rarely agree with Libluvin' Jeffery Simpson but this I agree on, to scrap the public funding of political parties. 

 It would  hurt the Liberals and the Bloc the most, because they are not very good at fundraising. They haven't really had to. The Liberals in the past has relied on large corporate donations and that is not allowed anymore under  the Accountability Act which was implemented after the Conservatives took office in 2006.  The Bloc are just lazy, it's just more money they suck out of ROC.  The Conservatives and NDP have better fundraising skills so it wouldn't them as badly.

The Conservative government tried to put an end of that public funding in 2008 when the opposition got into a hissy fit. Then you had the attempt of the coalition of losers  trying to overthrow a duly elected government that was just weeks old.  I believe the Conservatives used the proposal  to smoke the losers out.

Why should you or I be forced give money to parties whose ideologies and policies I don't agree with?  Because that's what it is, it's forced donations. It's nothing but distribution of wealth. It doesn't make sense.
End the thing, increase the personal limit from $1100 to I would say maybe $3500 a year.  Then if you like a particular party then support it with your wallet not mine.

I say to PM Harper and Minister Jim Flaherty, bring it back.  Include it in the next budget and let the chips fall where they may. If the opposition vote the government down on that, so be it.   I'm sure the Conservatives would love to campaign on that issue.  The opposition I think would have trouble knocking on doors explaining away why the taxpayer should be forced to fund parties they don't agree with.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Omar Khadr, Don't Weep for Him, He's No Little Angel

Ezra Levant says we shouldn't cry for Omar Khadr and stop seeing him as a sweet innocent little lamb who could do no harm  who is being railroaded for something he couldn't possibly have anything to do with. Oh no, poor poor baby, after all he's was just a "child soldier" you know.  He had no clue about what he was getting into so how could he possibly be responsible for killing an evil American soldier?   You know those Americans, they just want to be the world's policeman anyway.

On the other hand could it be that little Omar is not such a little angel that the bleeding heart far left portray him to be?
Child soldier? OK he was 15yrs. old when he allegedly threw that grenade that killed an American medic and  wasn't part of a uniformed organized army. Heck, the same bleeding heart lefties cried when the age of consent was raised from 14 to 16 yrs of age.  So in other words they think it's OK for a kid of 14 to get a learners permit and have sex but at the same time at  age 15, you can be classified as a "child soldier."  Go figure! Some 15yr. old's can even be tried as adults for some serious crimes, especially in the US.   Most kids today, at 15, in this information age are mature and worldly enough to know what they are doing most of the time.

So yeah, I agree with Ezra.  Don't cry for Omar Khadr!  He is no angel!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Premier Stelmach Wins the Lottery!

Let me present you with Alberta's newest millionaire. It's none other than our dear Premier. He has won $1,004,000 from yes, you and me the hardworking taxpayer.  He and others will get a nice little sum when they leave the legislature whether they quit on their own or are defeated next election which is scheduled to take place by  2012.
Ed Stelmach. $1,004,000. Now, a million-dollar man.
Ken Kowalski, the legislature Speaker. $1,270,000. Even better.
Wildrose MLA Heather Forsyth. $605,000.
Liberal MLA Laurie Blakeman. $482,000
Ted Morton, finance minister, apostle of austerity, elected six years ago. $345,000.
Carl Benito, the well-heeled Tory MLA who promised two years ago to donate his full salary to charity if elected, got elected and then didn’t, the man who pushed for the red-cap mushroom to be declared Alberta’s official fungus and then suggested a beauty pageant to boost tourism. $136,000, after only one term in office as a backbencher.
This big-time moolah is the estimated cheques these members of the legislature will receive if they vamoose or are bounced at the anticipated March 2012 provincial election. That’s provided they don’t add on to their pay by 2012. If anything, the dollars spelled out here are a little on the low side.
Nice little departure gift, wouldn't you say?  Come to think of it, maybe I missed something but I don't remember signing off on this. Do you, fellow Albertans?  Who do they think they are?  It smells of arrogance and entitlement.   Now I don't begrudge our elected officials a decent living but this is over the top especially in a time of restraint and austerity. It is just simply outrageous.
Most regular Albertans don't get sweet deals like this when they leave a job. Time for Albertan's to stand up against this kind of travesty!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Census is About the Invasion of Privacy

I haven't posted  before about the so called census kerfuffle because I saw it as another  non-issue conjured up by the Lame Stream Media and the opposition. Minister Tony Clement and the PM want make the long form census voluntary instead mandatory without the threat of jail or fines, and you'd think the world was coming to an end. Armageddon was about to come upon us!  Run for the hills!

The government want to gives a little freedom and privacy and all hell breaks loose?  Something's wrong with that picture if you ask me. Maybe I'm missing something here but I thought people would clamor for a little freedom and privacy.  Actually the general population is not talking about this.  It's a non-issue at the local Timmies, the offices and workplaces, and around the the kitchen tables in this country.
Chris Vander Doelen from the Windsor Star sums it up perfectly what this whole cabal is all about and brings some sense into it.
The census is about the unelected controlling the public. The intensity of their defence of the long census reveals the importance this information plays in their plans to tax and control every aspect of life.
 That's it, it's about control and social engineering.  I guess those  in the  Lame Stream Media outraged about this non-issue enjoy the infringement of  their privacy.  They must relish the government and the unelected bureaucracy controlling every aspect of their lives.   The coalition of the losers love the thought of controlling everything we do and say and social engineering. After all they are the parties of big (brother)government and love the big government social  welfare programs.

The less government knows about our private lives the better and the more freedom we have.  Our freedoms are being eroded little by little everyday without us even realizing it.  We must not be sheep led to the slaughter.  We must protect and fight for our freedoms.  It's worth it.  That's why I support Tony Clement and the PM for taking this action on the long form census.

Next thing  this government should tackle is the  Human Rights Tribunal, Section 13 of the Human Rights Act and the erosion of  our free speech.



Friday, August 6, 2010

CBC Keeps Smearing Our Troops

What does CBC have against our troops?  They keep smearing them time after time.  The latest is the Wikileaks document that claims  four of our brave soldiers were killed by friendly fire instead of Taliban fire.  Peter Worthington tells of a CBC interview he listened to recently that they had on with an unreliable source to discredit  the former Chief of Defense Staff and others. Former General Rick Hiller and others had come out to set the record straight about what really happened.
Leave it to the CBC to smear our troops.
The most startling aspect for Canadians in the 92,000 documents supposedly leaked by the gadfly outfit WikiLeaks, was four Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan in 2006 were victims of friendly fire, not enemy action.
Although DND, former military boss Gen. Rick Hiller, commanders in the field and troops involved in the action all insist it was Taliban fire that killed their comrades, the CBC chose to dispute this in a long interview with a person they described as a retired American general.
They just can't take former General Rick Hiller's word or the word of other's that were actually there of their recollections of that day.  They will drag anyone or anything out to make our troops look bad in hopes it will reflect on our current government as to make them look bad as well.  At least this government staunchly supports our men and women in uniform unlike the previous Liberal government who treated our military like crap. This government is making sure they have every thing they need in order to be a strong effective military.  In order to have a strong country you need a strong military.

General Hiller is way more credible than anyone that Mothercorp finds to twist the truth and I will believe him any day over what the CBC pushes. 
Shame on them! Time to shut them down. Sell the assets to SunTv.  It would at least help with our deficit reduction. They lost their credibility a long time ago as a trustworthy honest news organization.  
SunTV can't come soon enough to take the CBC and other news organizations to task on their blatant attempts to not tell the real story about what is going on issues like this and other topics.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pandering to Quebec to Buy Votes?

Well that's what L.Ian Macdonald is suggesting that PM Harper do to gain seats in Quebec and win a majority government come next election.  He suggests since Quebec is trying to get an NHL franchise back and a bid for the 2022 Olympics that the Conservative government throw money at an NHL caliber arena so that they can have a good chance at bidding for both. He thinks that would win seats for the CPC.
 And that would be a commitment to match the Quebec government's pledge of $175 million to build an NHLcalibre hockey arena in Quebec City. Throw in another $50 million promised by the city and that would probably leave another $100 million in costs that would be covered by selling naming rights to an arena. The move would buttress both Quebec City's bid for the 2022 winter Olympics and, more immediately, for an NHL franchise and the return of the Nordiques.
 L.Ian is suggesting that really taxpayer money from the ROC namely the west  should go to La Belle province to buy votes. Look, I have nothing against the Olympics or the NHL. but throwing money at Quebec, just to buy some more votes?  I don't know, that's what's been happening  since the beginning of Confederation and it's never enough. Governments and parties have been giving that province special attention forever.  They always have their hand out wanting more. It think Quebec has gotten enough funds through equalization etc.

Would it actually win more votes for the CPC?  Who knows?  I don't really think so.  Quebec is fickle, you can never really count them to come through. I say PM Harper should just go back to giving ALL the provinces more autonomy which is  fair to everyone . Every province should be treated the same.  No favorites, please.

BTW, I think it's possible to win a majority without Quebec.  We are only ten short.  If we retain the ones we have, take the one back in Edmonton, a few in BC, a few in Ontario like Mark Holland's seat. I don't think Danny Williams is going to go the route of ABC again so we have a good chance at taking back those we lost in NFLD. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Mr. Ziffy's Summer School Field Trip

I guess all Michael Ignatieff's elite schooling hasn't helped him  learn  much about what hard working Canadians are all about. So his handlers thought summer school might just do the trick. Instead of retreating to his villa in France, they gave  him an assignment. They sent him on a  bus  tour, a field trip to learn about our vast country and to  change his image as one who is an elite into just a normal regular schmuck, Joe Sixpack.   Don MacPherson calls the Mr. Ziffy's cross country magical bus tour  a  field trip.
 Michael Ignatieff is spending his summer on a cross-country field trip, assigned by his handlers to some light pre-campaign training while trying to transform his image from effete intellectual snob to red-ball-cap-wearin', hockey-, beer-and natural-wilderness-lovin' Regular Guy.
That is, if your idea of a Regular Guy is somebody wearing jeans, long sleeves and cowboy boots in Quebec in July, as if he is either lost (the Calgary Stampede is four provinces thataway, pardner) or two months early for the St. Tite western festival.
Or an asparagus, which is what Ignatieff answered an interviewer on a television food show whose final question was if he were a vegetable, which one he would be. According to La Presse columnist Stephane Laporte, the segment ended without further explanation. 
 He is not exactly setting the country on fire. Some at the beginning were touting him as  the second coming of Trudeau.  He's gaffe prone, a flip, flopper and looks  so fake as " a regular guy" like when he was photographed recently drinking a can of Molson. 
So when Ignatieff ostentatiously drank a Molson Dry from the can, he looked not so much like a man relaxing and enjoying a cold one as one who was trying to look the part in an act for the cameras.
The first couple of weeks, the media was all a buzz until they figured out that magical bus tour was, well not so magical. The national media in fact has been rather sparse in their reporting.  Not really much coverage  to tell you the truth.  They instead have used the fake long form census story as a deflection from the less than inspiring Liberal bus trip.

There's still plenty of the  tour left. Maybe things will turn around  but at this point, I kinda doubt it but then again you know what they say about politics.  "A week in politics is like an eternity."
No matter how hard he tries, he's just not one of us.  The party  echelon should just let him be himself.
Canadians are not stupid.  They can smell a fake a mile away. 

I got a feeling Canadians are  not going to give him a that good of a grade at the end this field trip.  So far I don't think he's quite making an A.  I would say more like a C-.  What say you?  How would you grade Mr.  Ziffy's field trip so far?