Monday, February 7, 2011

Something You Should Know

Watching what's been going on in Egypt  been rather unsettling. Yes get rid of Mubarak, a dictator but then what? What is going to replace Mubarack? What kind of a government will Egyptians get if they're not careful? Well, Glenn Beck has done a good job last week filling his viewers in about what has been going on and what could be next for Egypt and will most likely spread to the rest of the region and ultimately to us.  You must watch Friday's episode. You must know what's going on. You need to be informed.

Here is Thursday's show as well.

If you want to see something truly frightening watch this interview with this radical cleric on with Sean Hannity. What is disturbing is that the cleric is British born.

I would like to see a free and democratic Egypt and Middle East. It would be good for Israel and the rest of the world but there's also the danger the opposite could occur like what happened in Iran when the Shah was run out of town. Look what they have now. They could get something like the Muslim Brotherhood who are extremists and who would impose Sharia law  I really don't think that's what they really want. This will spill over to North America if we're not careful so we must wake up!

Saturday UK Prime Minister David Cameron spoke of how multiculturalism has been a failure and how it breeds radicalism and extremism.  We must take a stand here as well against multiculturalism. 

 Pray for Egypt and that whole area including Israel.  These are tenuous times, it could go either way.