Monday, March 26, 2012

Fellow Albertans, We Go to the Polls April 23


  Well, it looks like we're off.  Premier Nanny Redford dropped the writ earlier this morning. We go to the polls on April 23.
This election will shape up to be a very exciting,hard fought and probably one of the most important elections in Alberta history.  This time for a long,long time Albertans will have a real choice between the PC's or Wildrose.  The Liberals,ND's and the new Alberta party are not expected  to a big factor.

Issues that will most likely be front and center is health care,mainly the so called public inquiry that Alison Redford promised to call on doctor intimidation but instead has called one on cue jumping.  Education will be another one in which the PC's attempted to pass Bill 2 which calls for especially Homeschoolers to be under the Alberta Human Rights Act. Property right will be another big one and of course corruption and the sense of entitlement will be on the agenda.

The PCs have been in power now for 41 years.  They first got elected in 1971.  They have become old, tired arrogant and corrupted. They've mismanaged our money and our resources.  We need some new fresh faces with new ideas at the helm.   If you want a true conservative government,Wildrose is your best bet.  The PC's are in no way conservative in any way shape or form.  Don't be fooled. Just because they have "Conservative" in their title doesn't mean a thing.  

I urge everyone to get informed. Don't just rely on the media.  Go and do your own homework. Visit each party's website, go to the debates and all candidates forums in your local area.  Get to know who your local candidates are and ask questions of each of them when they come to your door.

An informed electorate is good for democracy. So pay attention and don't let the candidates try and fool you. Decide where you want Alberta to go and vote accordingly.