Saturday, March 19, 2011

So Stephen Harper Can't Be Trusted According to Iffy

PM Harper calls the RCMP immediately upon hearing of allegations that a former aid might have been involved in influence peddling after the aid left the PMO and Iffy says he can't be trusted. Huh?  
The influence peddling allegations against a former senior staffer in the Prime Minister's Office raises serious questions about whether Prime Minister Stephen Harper can be trusted, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said Thursday.
Harper's office called the RCMP Wednesday after hearing aide Bruce Carson allegedly promised First Nations bands and companies access to the prime minister in exchange for money.
Iffy should think before he engages mouth.What he says doesn't make sense.  Is PM Stephen Harper perfect? No of course not, nobody is.  Are these allegations serious?  Yes, that's why he right away upon learning of these allegations and remember these are only allegations did the right thing. He called the police to sort out the matter. That's what he should have done. He didn't try to hide it. He didn't send this former aid off to be an ambassador to some small obscure country far away.  It means he has no tolerance for such things and will not put up with them. Can PM Harper be trusted?By taking these actions, I think so!
If you read the comments under the article I have referred to above you will see most of them not very favorable to Iffy.  He will have a hard time trying to convince the public in my opinion.  Iffy should be careful, the Liberal record doesn't help his argument.  Canadians have not forgotten Adscam and other not so kosher activities by the Liberals.