Friday, May 20, 2011

Do You Really Believe These Two Guys?

Apparently both Bob Rae and Justin Trudeau say they don't want permanent leadership of the Liberal party. Yeah right!
Do you actually believe these guys?  I don't. They both have too big of egos and want to be PM.

Bob Rae has wanted to be Liberal leader and Prime Minister since 2006 when he sought the leadership after former leader and PM Paul Martin stepped down. He ended coming in third behind Michael Ignatieff and of course it was that race brought in Stephane Dion as the big kahuna of the party.

So.he only wants to be interm leader. Some Liberals don't believe it.  They believe he's setting things up to become the permanent leader.
OTTAWA — Liberals lined up to express concern Thursday that Bob Rae plans use his possible position as interim leader to mount a campaign for the permanent leadership of the party despite saying he has no plans to do so.
As for baby Justin Trudeau, supporters say he wants to devote more time for his family and has no interest in the permanent job. Okaaay!
Justin Trudeau is understood to have told supporters that he is putting his family first and will not seek the permanent leadership of the party. Mr. Trudeau grew up in a family where his father was often absent because of his political duties and he is said to be keen to avoid history repeating itself. Mr. Trudeau could not be reached for comment Thursday.
 There no doubt there are some Liberal supporters that think Justin is their next saviour and will bring them back to their rightful place. It's just based on  his name  and his pretty boy looks and nothing else really.  I don't think he has anything of substance and not really that politically savvy and if Liberals think he's their answer they should think again.

One thing is for sure, it'll be interesting to watch all the goings on within the Liberal party in the coming days, months and couple of years.

Wildrose Pushes for An Elected Senate

Danielle Smith,leader of the Wildrose party here in Alberta sent out letters to all the Premiers pushing them to hold Senate elections with their provincial elections.
“Provinces may never have a better opportunity than right now to show leadership on reforming the Senate,” Smith said. “We have a majority government led by a Prime Minister who will appoint elected Senators, we have more than half of the provincial and territorial jurisdictions going to the polls in the next seven months, and we will have 28 Senate vacancies to fill over the next eight years. We can’t let this opportunity pass by.”
“We have been pressing the current government very hard to reinstate Senate elections, but with all these other factors aligning, we’ve decided to broaden our pitch,” Smith said. “Having a provincially elected Senate is a major step towards greater autonomy for the provinces and a more democratic federal government.”
PC Premier Ed Stelmach was supposed to hold senate elections last fall with our municipal elections but he reneged.  I think because he was afraid Wildrose candidates would be elected.
The current PC government cancelled Senate elections that would have been held in conjunction with last October’s municipal vote.
Danielle has challenged the Premiers. PM Harper has asked the Premiers to hold elections. Sask Premier Brad Wall has been complaining so has NS Premier Darrell Dexter. Now the PM has put ball is back in the their court. Will they hold elections or will it be status quo? It's up to them. Maybe Danielle Smith can help them with her letter.
But the director of communications in the Prime Minister’s Office said the two premiers do not have to wait for the federal legislation to enable Senate elections, and can go ahead in their provinces if they wish.
“Both of these provinces have yet to move on setting elections and consulting the population for the appointment of senators,” Mr. Soudas said. “We encourage them to do that so that if there are any vacancies from Nova Scotia or from Saskatchewan, obviously .... we would appoint those chosen by the population.”