Thursday, October 11, 2012

Biden, Ryan VP Showdown Tonite!

 5 Things to Watch for During Tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate

 First of all will you be watching the Vice Presidential debate tonight?  Last week we had the first Presidential debate where Mitt Romney did a phenomenal job not known for his charisma but did bring a pocket full of facts.  Barack Obama bombed!  He stammered, stumbled and totally lost without his teleprompter.  

Big Bird even became a focus in the campaign, fancy that! 

Before that debate Obama seemed to be ahead in the polls and had the momentum but after the debate momentum started to shift and is now going Romney's way.  The polls have Romney gaining even in key States.  

Tonight the running mates have their kick at the can.   Joe Biden is known as a gaffe machine but at the same time he has his charm and humor to communicate with and quite a skilled debater.   Paul Ryan is the younger of the two, an athlete and a policy wonk.    I'm sure both will come well prepared.  Ryan is sure to hit Biden on the Obama record which the last four years has been abysmal.

 Here are five things  to watch for from the
1. BIDEN UNBOUND: Look for Biden to go on the offensive in hopes of regaining ground lost by President Barack Obama’s lackluster debate performance. An experienced debater, Biden is comfortable with the attack dog role. But the vice president has a history of freewheeling, foot-in-mouth moments. Will he commit another gaffe?

 2. RYAN’S DEBUT: This is the Wisconsin congressman’s first time on the national debate stage. As House Budget Committee chairman, he’s a whiz on federal spending and tax policy. His knowledge of foreign policy and national security isn’t as deep. Watch to see whether his hours of practice result in polished and punchy — not wonky — answers.

 3. BATTLE OF THE AGES: It’s youth vs. experience. At 42, Ryan is the same age as Biden’s younger son. Ryan suggests the generational divide gives him an edge over 69-year-old Biden and wider appeal. But Biden’s an energetic performer who prides himself on an ability to connect with regular folks.

 4. NUMBERS GAME: Expect to hear lots about the House Republican budget plan written by Ryan. Biden‘s sure to criticize Ryan’s spending cuts and Medicare proposal as too extreme. However, Romney‘s plans are somewhat different from Ryan’s past proposals — and that’s something the Republican vice presidential hopeful may need to illustrate.

5. THE MODERATOR: Jim Lehrer’s laid-back approach in the first presidential debate was widely panned. This time Martha Raddatz of ABC News runs the show. Look for her to ask sharper questions and more aggressively rein in the candidates. The veteran war correspondent has joked that it might be wise to wear body armor for the job.

I for one am looking forward to it and will be watching.  I hope Ryan cleans Biden's clock but  at the same time we shouldn't count Biden out either.   Should be interesting, none the less, no matter what happens.
 Will Joe Biden be able to stop the Romney momentum?  Will Paul Ryan be able help keep up the momentum Romney has and help seal the deal with the American public?  We shall see.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

International Day of the Girl

 International Day of the Girl

 Tomorrow is the first ever International Day of the Girl declared by the United Nations with Canada taking a leadership role for implementation of this day in the recognition of girls around the world.   It's very important because for most girls in the world do not have the equal opportunities that most girls in say Canada have.
Equal opportunity for girls is good for all of us. 
Girls throughout the world face higher rates of violence, poverty, discrimination. In Canada, girls have higher rates of depression, sexual harassment and dating violence.
There is a growing recognition around the world that support for girls and their basic human rights is key for healthy communities.
Improving girls' lives has a ripple effect.  What is good for them is good for all of us.
This international day will promote equal treatment and opportunities for girls around the world in areas such as law, nutrition, health care, education, training, and freedom from violence and abuse.
Here are some startling facts we all should be aware of:
 Around the World 1
  • Around the globe, girls are three times more likely to be malnourished than boys.
  • Of the world's 130 million out-of-school youth, 70% are girls.
  • Each year roughly two million girls between the ages of 5 and 15 are trafficked, sold or coerced into the sex trade.
  • Girls are disproportionately affected by a number of harmful practices, including early and forced marriage and female genital mutilation.
  • Girls continue to face obstacles in access to education and other basic services. 

In Canada 2

  • Young women from 15 to 19 experience nearly 10 times the rate of dating violence as young men.
  • Nearly 70% of victims of internet intimidation are women or young girls.
  • Girls and young women are nearly twice as likely as young men and boys to suffer certain mental health issues, such as depression.
  • Issues of body image and self-esteem remain prevalent among girls. 
Another important fact is that in some cultures boys are preferred over girls which results in millions of unborn girls being aborted. 

Rona Ambrose, Minister of the Status of Women has posted these videos to drive some of those facts home. I highly recommend you watch them.

 She's Just a Girl     
Because I Am A Girl
  It's a Girl" Documentary - Official Trailer

I don't think that anyone of us can dispute the fact that we all need to stand up for all girls around the world.
Girls are precious and without girls there cannot be boys.   They need to be protected no matter the nationality, or where they live.

I applaud Ms. Ambrose being instrumental in bring this important issue to light and that she has taken a leadership role in the creation of The International Day of the Girl. 

We can honor our girls by supporting  Mark Warawa’s private member’s motion, condemning gender selective abortions. Call, write, contact your MP of whatever stripe to support this motion.

  It's for the girls!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Help Remember Omar Khadr's Victims

 Some in the media party and others try to portray Omar as a victim but he is not a victim. In fact he's been turned into a celebrity to some.  But there are  real victims here. The real victims are the widow and the children of Sargent Christopher Speer whom Omar murdered.   Seems everyone has forgotten about them.  No one talks about them just about Omar.   Ezra Levant has not forgotten though and we shouldn't either.

Ezra  has set up a fundraiser for the Speer's children, Tayrn and Tanner to help send them to college.   I suggest everyone go on the website and contribute whatever you can.   It helps one's frustration to do something good. 
 In 2002, a Canadian-born Al Qaida terrorist named Omar Khadr murdered Christopher Speer, an unarmed U.S. special forces medic, in Afghanistan.

In 2010, a jury sentenced Khadr to 40 years in prison for his war crimes. But after serving less than two years of that sentence, Khadr was released to Canada, where liberal parole laws mean he will be free to walk out of prison within months.

We must not forget the real victims in this terrible story: the children of Sgt. Speer, Taryn and Tanner, who had their father stolen away from them.

This campaign is a way for Canadians, and people around the world, to do something constructive in the face of the horror of Khadr's act of murder and the injustice of his early release.

Donations collected on this page will be sent to Tabitha Speer, Christopher's widow and the mother of Taryn and Tanner, to help with the children's education and other needs. All monies will be sent in trust to Tabitha Speer's lawyers, Winder and Counsel.
-Ezra Levant & Hamish I. Marshall
For more information please contact Ezra Levant at

Go right now to Speer Kids' Fund!   Help meet or beat Ezra's goal of $50,000.  Let's remember the real victims.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Minister of Status of Women,Rona Ambrose, Is Minister of All Women

 Rona Ambrose Minister of  Status of Women, has been skewered by the media party and the left for voting in favour of M312 last week a motion that was brought forth by CPC MP Stephen Woodworth that would have had a parliamentary committee study when life begins from scientific point of view.  The NDP  and others are calling for Ambrose's head. They think that just because Rona is the Minister for women's issues that she shouldn't vote in favour of any pro-life issues and that the issue of abortion should not be allowed to be debated.

In fact NDP Irene Mathyssen say's it's a "literally a slap in the face to women."    Wow!

Rona Ambrose represents ALL women, pro-abortion,pro-life and even unborn women.  Yes, all you critics out there, some of those aborted babies are women, little women who would if given the chance to grow up would  become adult women.   Rona did the right thing for standing up for even women in the womb and I applaud her for that.

No one is this country should be censored for talking about abortion for any reason at anytime.  At least Liberal MP John Mckay recognizes that.
OTTAWA - Liberal MP John McKay says it has been "awkward" to be in the pro-life minority in Parliament since he first came to Ottawa 15 years ago but he believes Canada's abortion debate will never be over.
McKay, one of four Grit MPs who voted in favour of a motion calling for a review of "when life begins" this week, is outraged over the suggestion debate should on stifled.
"It is going to be discussed, and it is going to keep coming up and it is failure of political will to actually deal with it," McKay told reporters outside the Commons Friday.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Alberta Ethics Commissioner Says, "He's Within the Family"

This has really got my goat.   Alberta Ethics Commissioner Neil Wilkinson waved defeated PC MLA Evan Berger to take a $120,000 position at Alberta Agriculture where he was previously Ag. Minister just four months after being defeated. According to Wilkinson it was all above board because,get this, "he's within the  family, the government family."

There is supposed to be a cooling off period for all former cabinet ministers before they take any position  within the government.

Wilkinson apparently donated to both Jim Dinning's  and Ed Stelmach's leadership runs in 2006 and supported Dave Hancock in the latest PC leadership race that took place a little over a year ago.

Wildrose MLA Shayne Saskiw has come out swinging. 
"The premier should be intervening on this because anyone with an ethical gene in their body should know this doesn't pass the smell test," Saskiw said of Wilkinson's comments.

"If she's promising a fresh, new government, she has to review everyone in senior positions, and probably replace them."

Normally there is a one year cooling-off period before former cabinet officials can accept contracts from departments they had significant dealings with.

Along with his recent comments, the fact Wilkinson donated to Jim Dinning and former premier Ed Stelmach in the 2006 leadership race, and backed Dave Hancock in the subsequent leadership campaign won by Redford, shows he is too close to the Conservative Party to serve impartially as ethics commissioner, said Saskiw.

"The problem here is we don't have anyone who is independent or non-partisan because this PC government sets up a system where you basically have to be their lapdog," he said. "This guy is clearly an insider.

"He considers himself and (Conservative) MLAs to be insiders who are family."He is obviously not committed to upholding the separation between government and political parties, which is fundamental to parliament democracy, and he seems to believe as long as you're family you can do no wrong, so what else is he turning a blind eye to?"
It also seems our dear Premier, Nanny Redford was unavailable for comment.   Gee, I wonder why! 
Neil Wilkinson is clearly a partisan PC lacky.  He is not qualified to hold an important position as Ethics Commissioner. That position requires an objective non partisan to sit in that chair.   He should resign or be fired!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Now This Is The Way To Do It

 Amid all the kerfuffle over the Alberta PCs and their spending entitlements and no accountablity, Wildrose is setting the example.   Leader Danielle Smith has traveled to the US where she will be touring for the next 21 days.  She has posted her expenses on the Wildrose website. and in great detail right down to a $6.74 breakfast sandwich at the airport concession even though none of the costs will be billed to the Alberta taxpayer.

If you didn’t read the press release for this trip, no doubt you might be wondering, who’s paying for this trip? Here’s the answer. The costs are covered by the US Department of State, and they estimate the expense at $9,080 US for the 21-day program. With politicians’ travel expenses very much in the news lately, I thought you’d be interested in knowing my expenses as we go.
I have always said that international travel is an important part of the Premier’s job and, as Official Opposition Leader and International and Intergovernmental Affairs and Aboriginal Relations Critic, I think it is a necessary part of my job too. My criticism has not been the about the fact that the Premier and her ministers are taking international trips, it’s the eye-popping price tag associated with them. You’ll notice this trip budgets out at about $432/day, whereas most ministeral trips lately have been costing in the range of $2000/person/day (or more). Here are my expenses so far:
$549.59    Coach Flight Ottawa to Washington
$60.00      Baggage Charge
$40.51       Taxi from Ronald Reagan National Airport to Hotel
$32.00      Dinner in the Hotel Restaurant, Chartwell Grill
$682.10  Total to Date
The hotels we are staying at are nice, clean, safe and moderately priced. I’ll post the room charge after I check out of each hotel and get the bill. In the meantime, here are  some pictures of the hotel I’m staying at in Washington so you can check it out for yourself:

Churchill Hotel, Washington, DC
A Typical Room at the Churchill Hotel
UPDATE: Someone tweeted that they wanted me to post the expenses from the Ottawa leg of the trip too. I’m happy to comply in the interest of transparency, but keep in mind none of these costs are being paid for by Alberta taxpayers.
$329.83    Economy Flight Calgary to Ottawa
$21.00      Baggage Charge
$354.82    Lord Elgin Hotel (2 nights @ $157/night+tax)
$11.24       Internet access
$35.00     Taxi to Ottawa Airport
$6.74        Breakfast sandwich and coffee at Airport Concession
$758.63   Total for trip to Ottawa
I took a cab with fellow conference attendee John Carpay to the Lord Elgin Hotel and he kindly picked up the cost. Also, meals and refreshments were included at the conference, so I incurred no additional costs there. Hope that helps fill in the gaps.
Now that's the way to do it.   Alison Redford, take note!

Friday, September 14, 2012

In Case You Missed It

Brian Lilley conducted a one on one interview with PM Stephen Harper last night on his show Byline.  For those of you who missed it, it was a fantastic one.  It was very substantive, informative and no gotcha's from Lilley like there is when the media party interviews our PM. They touched on various issues such as the economy, and foreign affairs primarily the chaos right now in the Middle East.  For those of you who missed it, enjoy.

When comparing PM Harper with President Obama this is what Brian Lilley says that the PM is the adult in the room.
 Comparing the two men based on their actions and not their words can only lead to the conclusion that when Harper and Obama meet, Harper is the adult in the room.
Trading Harper for Obama wouldn’t be good for Canada, but it might be good for the rest of the world.

Canada is blessed to have such a strong grown up leader right now, especially when you compare us with the rest of the world.   For all of you haters, get with the program. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pat Martin Wants You To Donate To His Cause


Pat Martin is  appealing to the public to help him out with his defense fund. He has set up a website to take the donations.  He was sued by Racknine who he accused of being involved in the Robot call fiasco.   He wants $250,000.   He gave a weak kneed apology but Racknine is going through with the lawsuit anyway.
 An NDP MP is turning to the Internet to cover his legal bills in the face of a lawsuit for wrongly accusing an Alberta company of electoral fraud.
Supporters and friends of Pat Martin are trying to raise $250,000 after the Winnipeg MP was sued for comments he made about the 2011 election robo-calls scandal.

Anyway, why is it up to the public to help defend Pat?  After all it's he who spouted off those the accusations against Racknine.

I 'm glad Racknine is going ahead with the suit.  Loud mouth Martin needs to learn a lesson.   This time it seems he's shot his mouth off once too often  

I don't know about you but I will be anxious for the outcome of the suit.  Looks good on him! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PM Harper To Be Honoured


 I must say we should all be proud of our Prime Minister.   He is to receive a prestigious award as "World Statesman of the Year."
OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper is being hailed as “World Statesman of the Year” by an American organization that previously feted Jean Chretien, British prime minister Gordon Brown and and Korean president Lee Myung-bak.
The award, for his work as “a champion of democracy, freedom and human rights”, comes from an organization called the Appeal of Conscience Foundation,
The organization paying tribute to Harper was founded in 1965 by Rabbi Arthur Schneier. Its website says the Foundation has worked on behalf of religious freedom and human rights throughout the world.
 The heads of the Harper haters are probably exploding as we speak.   Why can't they just accept that fact we are currently governed by a Prime Minister that is doing a good job working on behalf of all Canadians?  Yes even including them who hate him, making sure the economy is stable, that they all have jobs, that the streets are safe for their children and that they have the freedom to  spew their hate. 

Just look around at most parts of the world, I think we should all be grateful and count our blessings. 

God bless PM Stephen Harper and his family and God bless CanadaCongratulations Mr.  Prime Minister! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alberta PCs Thinks We're Stupid

 Premier Alison Redford and Deputy Premier Doug Horner at Government House in Edmonton. 

On Thursday, Finance Minister Doug Horner presented us with the latest fiscal update.  It does not look good. We are headed for a massive deficit.  In Alberta, there is absolutely no reason we should be in deficit period full stop. What makes matters worse is that they are refusing to release the details.  We wouldn't understand it.  We wouldn't get it.   In other words, we are stupid.

“We didn’t do a technical briefing, because the reality is if we have to do a technical briefing for (journalists), how do we expect that Albertans are going to understand what I am telling them?
“I want Albertans to understand (that) the first-quarter results are based on actual-to-budget, just the way they would do at home or in their businesses, and that’s the way we are going to report.”
Come on do they really think we're that dumbSeems so.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation says  that the PC government could be breaking the law.

So much for Nanny Redford's "This is not your father's PC party" and the promise of openness, transparency and accountability.

By the way, Nanny Redford doesn't seem worried.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Is Ann Romney,the Secret Weapon?


 I  tuned in last night and listened to the GOP convention speeches.  The one I was most impressed with was Mitt Romney's wife Ann.  Beautiful,smart and articulate.

  Ann Romney could be Mitt's and the GOP's secret weapon. 
 TAMPA, FL -- If the knock against Mitt Romney is that he's too rich and rigid, then his wife is perhaps the Republican's best weapon to change peoples' minds.

Kinda reminds me of Laureen Harper our secret weapon and like Ann Romney, beautiful,smart and articulate.

If Mitt Romney is propelled into the White House, he will have his wife to thank! It will be because of her.  I believe. Besides I'm sure she will remind him to keep his promise and approve the Keystone XL pipeline, something that's important for the  both US and Canada.

If you missed it, watch Ann Romney's speech below.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Should have the Liberals Allowed Senator Joyce Fairbairn Vote Last Session?


Senator Joyce Fairbairn was diagnosed with dementia way back in Feburary but the Liberal leadership aware of her condition allowed her to continue on with her duties in the Senate chamber. 

 OTTAWA — The Liberal leadership in the Senate allowed a veteran senator to vote on legislation and spend public dollars for four months after she was diagnosed with dementia and declared legally incompetent.
Sen. Joyce Fairbairn regularly attended Senate sittings and voted along party lines before the Upper Chamber rose for the summer at the end of June.
Fairbairn was diagnosed with dementia of the Alzheimer’s type by her geriatric psychiatrist in February, according to a letter sent to Senate officials by her niece, Patricia McCullagh.

I feel for the Senator and all people who suffer from this horrible debilitating disease but should have the Liberals allowed her participate in the Senate particularly voting on important bills knowing that she was diagnosed as "legally incompetent"?  

I know she's a lovely lady and it's not her fault but why would the Liberals let her work? Her votes didn't make a difference anyway, as the Conservatives have a healthy majority in the Senate.

I'm surprised actually  that the Senate has never dealt with anything like this before.

It's sad in any case and I wish the Senator and her loved ones all the best even though she's a Liberal. Dementia has no political leanings! 

Update :     
Nice try Warren  from Blue Like You

Warren Kinsella plays politics on the back of this unfortunate circumstance.  (h/t) BC Blue

Monday, August 20, 2012

The PC Gravy Train Just Won't Stop

 It seems like every other week there's something negative coming out about the Alberta PC's that involves some kind of bullying, corruption and skimming off the taxpayer. 

Just recently this summer when you think all should be a quite on the political front, you have three stories.  First the fight over the closing of the long tern care facility at Carmangay,

Then you have AHS CEO Allaudan Merali who was forced to quit over lavish spending.

Then just when you thought that was the end of it for the summer another story.   This time a defeated PC MLA and former Agriculture Minister Evan Berger gets waved by the Ethics Commissioner to be appointed to a cushy cvil servant's job.  There was no job posting or open competition for this position. So that means a job made up just for Berger.  Besides it's against the rules, they have to wait at least 1yr.
A defeated Tory cabinet minister is going back on the Alberta government payroll in an appointment the Wildrose Opposition says raises big concerns over Progressive Conservative cronyism and the politicization of the civil service.
Evan Berger, who was agriculture minister before losing his Livingstone-Macleod riding in the spring provincial election, was offered a contract Thursday as senior policy adviser to deputy minister of agriculture John Knapp.
Knapp said he was solely responsible for hiring Berger to the civil service post based out of Lethbridge — which pays in a range between $120,158 and $157,910, plus pension and benefits — and there was no involvement by any elected members of the Progressive Conservative government.
There was no posting or open competition for the job because Berger had the “exact skill set” needed, he said.
This clearly a slap in the face to Livingstone-Macleod constituents who thought they finally got rid of this guy  (I happen to be one of them).   And it's a slap in the face of taxpayers too.

Clearly nothing has changed within this government and the PC party.  RedAli, Premier Mom had promised this kind of thing would not happen under her leadership. There would be no more "good ole boys club," no more patronage appointments, etc.  Ha, shows how good her word is!

 PC noses are still in the trough taking advantage of the gravy train. They're not even hiding anymore! Enough is enough! Time it stopped! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kudo's To Premier Redford


 First of all many of you know I'm not a fan of Alison Redford or her PC government.  I've criticized her in the past and I feel deservedly so but this time I will cautiously praise her for standing up to BC Premier Christy Clark for trying to shakedown Alberta for resource royalties in exchange for supporting the Northern Gateway pipeline. 
BC wants a share of oil royalties in exchange for allowing the pipeline, but Redford says that won't happen.
"We will not share royalties, and I've seen nothing else proposed, and would not be prepared to consider anything else at this time," she said. "I've taken the approach that there are many ways that British Columbia will benefit from this pipeline."
Good for Redford! She deserves kudos this time. I just hope and pray she sticks to her guns and does not cave.  She probably won't because what Christy Clark is doing is actually unconstitutional.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Jason Kenny, Right?


Seems like Jason Kenny is right, Thomas Lukaszuk is an A******hole.
EDMONTON -- An insensitive Facebook post has landed Deputy Premier Thomas Lukaszuk some time in the principal's office.
Premier Alison Redford said Thursday she was very disappointed by Lukaszuk's breezy caption for a photo of the Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C., mudslide that stranded some 600 tourists -- including some Albertans -- for days. 
"Fairmont in Hot Springs has a good deal on rooms today. If a little bit of mud doesn't bother you, book now!!!" he had posted. 
Alberta's premier was not amused. 
"I'm very aware of it ... I intend to have a conversation with him about it, I take this very seriously," Redford said.
"That was a tragedy ... even if it hadn't involved loss of life, it was still a tragedy, it is not appropriate," Redford said, adding that Lukaszuk's subsequent posts show he understands that.
"It was certainly a lesson ... to all politicians that we have (a) serious responsibility -- people pay attention to what we say and it's important to us to conduct ourselves accordingly." 
Lukaszuk posted he quickly took the offending post down as soon as he discovered the serious nature of the slide. 
"FB friends, sorry for the comment about B.C. At the time of posting I was out of AB and unaware of the scope of the situation. As soon as I found out, I removed the post. Not proud of this one..." Lukaszuk posted.
Even though Premier Mom was going to have a chat with him and he's apparently apologized and took down his post, she must approve.  He hasn't been fired or disciplined. 

Have any of you  read some of his tweets in the past, primarily during the election campaign?  Remember the scuffle with that man during the campaign?  Yeah, he's proven he's a jerk

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Does Canada Have a Christian Heritage?

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We just celebrated Canada Day/Dominion Day which ever you want to call it. Festivities were held in almost every community across the country celebrating our past,present and future.

Take our past for example.   How much of Canada's history do we really know?  It's important that we know our history, all of it.  The good and the bad.

Some believe Canada started with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in the Trudeau era.   That is not true.  Canada started in 1867 and even earlier than that.

We have rich military history, not just as peacekeepers either. 

What about our spiritual history? Do we even have one?   Well I bet you didn't know that Canada has a Christian heritage did you?   I bet you weren't taught that in school, were you?  I certainly wasn't.

Look at the preamble of the Charter for instance, "Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:"

That's not all.  Watch Brian Lilley's interview with Pastor Bill Prankard for some further detail about our Christian heritage.  You need to know this stuff even if you are not a Christian because it's a part of our history whether you like it or not.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Fight For Freedom

 Just as we were celebrating the repeal of Section 13 of the Human Rights Act, by parliament a new fight for freedom emerges.

 The Canadian Broadcasting Standard's Council is trying to censor Ezra Levant claiming he violated Clause 6 of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Code of Ethics.
Ezra is not taking this lying down. He has a five point plan to fight back
1. Keep breaking the rules. I’m going to violate the censors’ rules every single day on my TV show. Not just me — I’m going to invite other TV and radio hosts who have been censored, and invite them to re-offend on my show. I’m going to make a mockery of the rules.
 2. Scrutinize their every move. Let’s point out their inconsistencies and how their rulings violate the Charter of Rights guarantee of freedom of speech. Let’s shine a light on who exactly these censors are. Let’s make it an embarrassing job for them to have.
3. Build a grassroots army. Most journalists in the NSM (the non-Sun Media) are too timid to take on the censors. Let’s encourage them — this can’t just be a personal battle for me. But let’s get the ball rolling ourselves on blogs, Facebook, letters to the editor, etc.
 4. Encourage Parliament to act. The censorship provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act was finally repealed this month. We need an MP to champion this and bring it to a vote — repeal the broadcasting regulations that require this sort of censorship on TV.
5. Contact the bosses. James Moore is the minister in charge of CRTC, the government agency that regulates TV and radio. His e-mail is
The prime minister is at
E-mail them. Tell them we want our TV and radio as free as the rest of the media in our life — newspapers, magazines and the Internet.
Ezra talks to Senator Mike Duffy.

So let's help Ezra demolish the  Code of Ethics, Clause 6 of the Canadian Broadcasting Act just like we did to repeal Section 13 of the Human Rights Act.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Canada to Blame for Europe's Problems?

 Europe has big problems but is Canada or the rest of North America to blame like EU boss Jose Manuel Barroso seems to think?

Conrad Black doesn't believe that and agrees that PM Harper is right in refusing to take taxpayers money to bail them out.  Neither do I or most Canadians for that matter. . Europe's dilemma was created  by no one but themselves.
 Stephen Harper is absolutely correct to refuse to contribute to World Bank assistance to Europe. The reward for the consistently intelligent fiscal management of Canada by both governing parties for more than 20 years should not be to assist rich countries that ignored our example and the warnings of their own wiser statesmen until the wheels came off the Euro-fable in all four directions.
The president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, made the point at the G20 meeting in Mexico last week — in, as he thought, a reply to Harper’s comments on Europe’s self-generated economic and fiscal problems — that the current economic crisis originated in North America. That is not entirely true. It originated in the ill-starred fiscal and social policies of most European countries, and the tinder was set alight by bad financial, social, fiscal and regulatory policy in the United States.
 Barroso is out to lunch. Typical socialist!  North America did not hold a gun to European heads to implement their socialist policies that are now the cause of their problems.

On the other hand you have NDP leader Tommy Mulcair citizen of France 
demanding we hand over hard earned tax dollars to reward obviously failed socialist policies that is the root of Europe's woos.  We have enough of our own problems to deal with without getting involved in others.

Kudo's to PM Stephen Harper for saying no bailout and having their own resources to get themselves out.  Let's hope he sticks to his guns.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Public Servants Go To Church

 Must be really bad for those poor public servants they need go to church and pray.  Don't get me wrong here.  I'm all for  going to church to worship and pray but come on it's really that bad for these people?  I highly doubt. 

Civil servants have the sweetest salaries, severance, benefits and pensions that is the envy of the private sector.  Taxpayers just dished out $1.2 billion to bureaucrats who aren't even being laid off.  How good is that? 

Even those few who are being laid off are getting $850 million in severance from us.   Not too shabby I would say.  It's not exactly poverty besides I'm sure every laid off bureaucrat will be able to land a job in the private sector in no time.

When they go to church to pray they should be thanking God for the wonderful blessings bestowed on them via the taxpayer! Not how terrible the government is to them and how hard done they are!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Should Canada Pull Out of The UN?

Larry Miller,Conservative MP thinks we should reconsider our membership in the UN.

He has written a letter to Foreign Minister John Baird. to consider pulling out.

 The UN has become nothing but a corrupt organization that favors dictators and despots.  Look who they appointed as "Tourism Ambassador" none other than Robert Mugabe  Thankfully Canada pulled out of that body.

Then they have the gall to send a condescending bureaucrat to slam us on our food supply.   What about North Korea or Africa?   People are starving in those countries.

Do you know who is currently on the UN Human Rights Council?  China,Cuba, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia. Yup they are bastions of human rights, right? Don't think so.

This committee tells us we must "redress" the little murdering terrorist Omar Khadr?   Give me a break!  What about the Speer family that was left without a husband and father, shouldn't they be compensated?

Let's not forget the IPCC on climate change. That is all about the distribution of wealth not about climate.

 Kelly Mcparland argues that while the UN is "lousy" organization, now is not the time to pull out.
A central argument for closing the talking-shop in New York would be to reduce delays in international action. But delay is often a desirable thing, and haste often just a means of making bad situations worse. For Canada to pull out would only eliminate the opportunity for Ottawa to exert influence on affairs that would impact us. Gathering up our papers and stomping off home, emotionally satisfying as it might be, would only work to our detriment in the end, and remove Canada as a voice of reason in an often unreasonable international forum.

Watch Ezra Levant chat with Larry Miller about the pulling out of the UN

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Would You Eat This?

While Nanny Redford and her cronies live high off the hog with our money, our seniors in facilities around the province are being subjected to eating crap like this:

Would you eat this?  Would Redford or any of her minions eat this?  I highly doubt. So why do our seniors have to?  This is down right criminal!  I wouldn't feed crap like that to my dog never mind feeding it to a human. Our seniors deserve much better. Some of that taxpayer money that MLAs pay themselves should go to serving healthy nutritious meals to our seniors. Our seniors have worked  hard contributing to the province.This is how they're treated? Shameful!  Call your MLA today and demand our seniors be served real food.  That's the least we can do. It's disgraceful what's going on in our seniors care facilities.

BTW, can anyone tell me what this crap is?

Update: This tweet from Danielle Smith
It is supposed to be pork souvlaki. Our seniors critic sent the picture to me. More here:
 “Dog Food”
Nursing staff at the Claresholm facilities say the heat-and-serve diet has been a disaster for the residents.

Susan Slade, chair of Local 041 (ANC) and a Claresholm resident, said the food situation has become “a major problem” between staff and management and a cancer on morale.
“They told me that one resident referred to it as ‘dog food’” Slade said.
Staff are telling her they’re convinced that because so many are not eating properly, they’re getting sick more often and staying sick longer. While they don’t have any concrete data, the staff is certain that they’re seeing more cases like urinary tract infections, while wounds seem to take longer to heal.
“They might be saving money in the kitchen, but the staff figure it’s costing more for medications and antibiotics,” Slade said.
 Watch this video, it's an eye opener.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Does The Government Owe You A Family?

A report released this week is advocating that the Alberta government pay for IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatments for infertile couples like Quebec does.

A report released this week is pushing the Alberta government to adopt the tack taken in Quebec by paying for IVF treatments for infertile women: commissioned by a local fertility charity, the study suggested the province could save $78-million in the next five years. That’s because multiple births — which according to Statistics Canada increased by 45% between 1991 and 2008 — are also more likely to lead to premature births, underweight babies and higher rates of disability.
Yet desperate would-be parents footing the bill for expensive fertility treatments often demand multiple embryos be implanted, regardless of the risks.
  For a lot of women, your life isn't complete until you have a child.   For some getting pregnant is difficult and sometimes heartbreaking when it doesn't work out so they seek outside help. It costs a lot of money and can cause a financial strain

 I really feel for these folks but should the taxpayer being paying for their treatments?  I don't know.  Why can't some charity or foundation take up the cause and help these people out instead of leaving it up to the taxpayer to foot the bill?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Senator Duffy Talks About Mulcair and the UN Bureaucrat With Ezra Levant

Gosh do I miss Mike Duffy on television.  Anyway yesterday it was great to see him again on Ezra Levant's show The Source.  They talked about the unelected UN bureaucrat who scolded us on our "food security" and Thomas Mulcair and his war against the west.

Here the Duff weighs in on the food fight

And here they discuss Thomas Mulcair  Enjoy folks, you won't be sorry!

Friday, May 11, 2012

So Nanny Redford Finally Vows to Defend the Oil Sands.

Days ago Premier Brad Wall came out swinging at Thomas Mulcair who slammed the oil sands in a CBC weekend interview referring to the oilsands as,"Dutch disease."  A couple days ago I asked where was Premier Alison Redford on this. Well she's finally decided to crawl out from underneath her rock.   
“I expect that we’re probably in for a bit of a crazy summer,” Redford said before discussing Mulcair’s comments.
“I always think it’s better for people to comment once they have the information than before they do.”
The premier said she will spend her time expanding provincial markets while making the case to the United States that Alberta’s energy sector is the most “secure, responsible and environmentally conscious supplier, and always will be.”
 The premier talked about her Canadian energy strategy, still broadly defined as having the provinces work together to take advantage of the country’s national resources, saying the country can manage the impact of major projects “to ensure that Canada remains beautiful.”
“And we’ll do it without compromising provincial sovereignty,” she said.
 Not quite as forceful as Brad Walls response.
 The comment drew the ire of several western politicians, including Wall, who tweeted Monday: "If Thomas Mulcair thinks a strong resource sector is a 'disease,' what is his 'cure'? Higher resource taxes? NDP needs to explain", and; "Resources have been the cure not the problem, NDP."
 So she now vows to defend our oil sands. Huh uh, just like she vowed to call a full public inquiry into doctor intimidation. Instead the inquiry is only investigating cue jumping. And yuh, just like she supported the boycott on Chiquita bananas too. . She's mealy mouthed and flip flops on everything.

 BTW, anyone have any clue what she means by "Canadian energy strategy?"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Indoctrinating The Children? Say It Isn't So

  TORONTO - “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” — Vladimir Lenin 
 One school seems to be sowing the seeds of hate against the Jews. Another seems to be training third graders to learn how to be professional protesters against capitalism and The Harper government.

These are our future leaders. Scary!

 Proverbs 22:6
King James Version (KJV)
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You, Hoo, Alison, Where ARRR YOUUU!

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall was quick to respond to NDP leader Thomas Mulcair's comments he made on the weekend on CBC radio bashing the oilsands blaming them for the decline of manufacturing in Ontario and Quebec. 

Thank God for Brad Wall! He's the only good premier left in Canada.   He did a great job defending the oilsands again  yesterday on Ezra Levant's show.

Premier Wall responded but where's our dear Alberta Premier Alison Redford?  Why hasn't she spoken out about Mulcair's comments? Why isn't she standing up and defending our oil industry? Does she even care?

Does she agree with Mulcair? Or does she agree with Brad Wall? Albertans and Canadians need to know. 

The oilsands are the engine that is driving the Alberta and Canada's economy right now.  Just in Alberta alone the oil industry employs 551,066 people.    Many more jobs are created all over Canada as a result of the oilsands.   Without the oilsands Canada would be sunk.

Alison, crawl out from underneath your rock and do your job. Give us your response. Brad Wall seems to be the only premier who cares.  Shame on you RedAli!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Another Faux Scandal Bites the Dust

 The Libs, Dippers and the media party are always trying to smear  PM Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. Always looking the juicy adscam type scandal to bring them down .Every time it always blows up in their faces. Every day all of them lose credibility.  You'd think they would learn by now. Oh well, I guess their hate for the Conservatives blinds them.   Here's an example of the lastest.
OTTAWA — Offshore bank statements in the name of Associate Defence Minister Julian Fantino are not authentic and the conflict of interest commissioner has informed Fantino she is dropping her investigation.
BTW, whatever happened to Pierre Poutine?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Occupy Movement, May Day and Communist History

Yesterday, May 1st marked the resurrection of the Occupy Movement that had been hibernating over the winter.  May first is May Day also known as International Workers Day.    Occupy protests went on across the Canada.and the United States.   Labor unions are working with the occupy movement.

Ezra Levant ties Occupy, May Day and Communism. I urge you to watch. Interesting and important stuff.  Helps you understand what's really going on. Interesting that occupy comes back on May Day, eh?

Monday, April 30, 2012

Why Can't We Have That Debate?

I'm so sick and tired of those who want to stifle debate on anything to do with abortion or any other issue.  For example Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth brought forth a motion to debate whether or not to set up a special committee to discuss when life begins.  What's so wrong with that?

You'd think it was Armageddon the way some are reacting.  Why can't we have a debate on abortion, the death penalty, climate change, health care or anything else?  The beloved Charter that the left loves to tout says we have freedom of speech but really it's an illusion. 

Take a couple of Wildrose candidates in most recent Alberta election,  One, a former pastor who wrote in blog over a year ago that quoted the Bible sayng gays along with every other sinner will burn in a lake of fire if they don't turn from their ways.  The other made a statement that was totally taken out context about race. You can agree or disagree with those two gentlemen. That's up to everyone to decide. They and the Wildrose party were crucified and some believe that's why they lost the election.  Is one not allowed  to voice their own views or have their own beliefs when it comes to religion or race?

Free speech only seems to be for one side. The Left. If those of us on the right speak out about the issues we believe in etc we get called hater mongers, bigots,racists, neanderthals, knuckle draggers and a whole bunch of other names.  We are the ones who are told we have to be tolerant but the other side seems like they are the ones who are the most intolerant and hateful.  We must be politically correct. 

Those of us who have different views on abortion, climate change and all the other topics that are verboten, are told to sit down and shut up, it's settled, we don't want to go there. Well I don't think we should sit down and shut up.  It's exactly what the other side wants..  There has to be a time when we say enough is enough.

Are we not grown up enough in this country to debate the  issues from all sides?  Can't we have a civil debate without one side demonizing the other? 

No topic should be off the table  Everyone should have their say.

  We should never forget this famous quote from Thomas Jefferson: "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."  

 And this one from Edmond Burke "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wildrose Roots Were Not Deep Enough

Ok, I am finished licking my wounds from the Alberta election.  Sure I was really wanting Wildrose to win.   I thought Danielle Smith would make terrific premier and I still do.  It's obvious Albertans were not quite comfortable yet handing them government.  Wildrose roots were just not deep enough yet.

 I know we all believed the polls and the pundits.  Most were projecting a Wildrose win.  The expectation was high.  It looks now like the polls were wrong.

But hey, thinking about it most of the day yesterday, it wasn't a total loss.  Wildrose came away with 17 seats including Danielle's. PCs came away with fewer seats than they had before. Wildrose is now the official opposition, the government in waiting.  Danielle and her team will keep hammering away at Red Ali and her PC minions as they keep mucking the province up. 

It was the same situation with the Lougheed PCs at first. They were in opposition first to prove themselves, then government.  Same too with the CPC. Look where they are now.

As the time passes, Wildrose will gain experience, get more media and public attention. Their roots will grow deeper.  Albertans will get to know them better and become more comfortable.  If they do a good job, keep their noses clean, keep getting their message out, they will gain the trust of Albertans come next election in four years, they will be rewarded and Danielle Smith, a smart, charismatic, articulate woman will be handed the keys to the premiers office.

I think we just have to be patient.  As the Wildrose roots grow deeper, the more stable they will be and next time will not be blown over.  The next election campaign is just starting.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Alberta PCs Have No Sense of Humor


Yesterday was April fools day.  All the parties in Alberta has some fun except, REDford's PCs. 
Alberta political parties tried their hand at humour on Sunday, with a smattering of April Fools’ jokes on a quiet day on the election campaign trail.
The Liberals issued a news release responding to a made-up PC party plan to build a Calgary airport overpass instead of a tunnel. Attached to the news release is a link to what appears to be the Calgary Herald’s political blog – until you look more closely at the web address.
The Wildrose issued a press release calling for a merger with Saskatchewan to form a new province called Saskberta. The merger would see the capital located in the border town of Lloydminster, which would be renamed Regimonton.
The tongue-in-cheek news release said the merger presents a number of important economic benefits for Alberta, including significantly expanded parking.
“Alberta and Saskatchewan are both blessed with abundant natural resources, which is clearly an area we can better pursue as a single province,” leader Danielle Smith said in the statement.  “We also have a shared commitment to eliminate pirate activity on the North Saskatchewan River.”
The Alberta Party announced a plan for reducing congestion on the QE2 with a new “high-speed” gondola connection between Edmonton and Calgary.
The party said the project would be designed to take advantage of corridor that will come with PC government plan for high-voltage transmission lines between Alberta’s two largest cities.
“The towers are already being built to accommodate the transmission lines,” said party leader Glenn Taylor. “We’re simply adding one new line, suspended between the towers. This is a shovel-ready program, no further regulatory approvals would be needed.”
The news release added “according to leading gondola transportation authorities, the commute time could as little as a blazingly fast 7 1/2 hours.”
Probably the best of the April Fools’ Day pranks is the NDP re-posting their video from the 2010 legislature Christmas party as an “attack ad” against the Wildrose. The joke video features NDP Leader Brian Mason in a drill sergeant role, trying to whip Wildrose party members into shape for question period. It will likely be the only time you see the Wildrose members dressed up in NDP orange, or Airdrie Wildrose incumbent Rob Anderson professing his admiration for Tommy Douglas (under duress).
 Albertans go to the polls on April 23.  (h/t) Calgary Herald
Election campaigns are long and grueling.  Issues are discussed hopefully and sometimes campaigns can turn nasty.    So it's nice at least to see some parties take a break and have some fun. 

Come on what's wrong with you PCs?   Do you have no sense of humor?