Friday, March 23, 2012

Environment Minister Peter Kent's Advise to Saint Suzuki

OTTAWA - Canada's environment minister has some advice for environmental activist David Suzuki.
"I would respectfully suggest that Mr. Suzuki chill a little bit," Peter Kent said Thursday in Toronto.
The minister was responding to a David Suzuki Foundation online form letter campaign targeting senators for "doing a disservice to all Canadians" in their ongoing debate about rich foreign foundations that fund environmental charities on only one side of Canadian policy debates.
Senators have cited activists' work against the oilsands and various pipeline proposals as examples.
"I think the Senate has been doing fine work in terms of investigating foreign funds that have been coming into some of our environmental discussions in Canada and channelled through Canadians charitable agencies," Kent said.
We need to stand behind our senators and support their investigation.  

At the same time Brian Lilley and Ezra Levant try wade through this foreign funds/political activist/charities mess,CBC,and Leadnow.