Thursday, April 7, 2011

Canadians Do Not Like Coaltions

In Nik Nanos latest poll he asked Canadians how they feel about coaltions.  Here is what he found out.
 Forty-nine per cent of those interviewed by Nanos Research for The Globe and Mail and CTV had a negative or somewhat negative reaction when asked what they thought of “the idea of a coalition government.” Forty per cent viewed the idea positively or somewhat positively, while 12 per cent weren’t sure.
Even some of those who plan to vote for other than the Conservatives reject the idea of a coalition. Eighteen per cent of Liberal supporters and 19 per cent of NDP supporters said they were definitely opposed.
“Even among Liberals, one out of five has a negative impression of a coalition,” pollster Nik Nanos observed. “Those are the people Mr. Harper’s going after.”
Nanos breaks it down here.
So there you go. Canadians clearly don't like the idea of a coalition government. The only way to prevent a coalition of the losers is to return PM Harper and his Conservatives with a clear majority otherwise even though the majority of Canadians are opposed to one the Libs/NDP/Bloc they will not hesitate to seize power.

Besides the Bloc would hold a great deal of influence in that kind of a situation and I don't think it would sit very well in Canada.