Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Gilles Revives the Coalition Talk

Just a little more than a month before the federal budget is scheduled to come down,  Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe has resurrected the idea of the coalition.
(Ottawa) A few weeks of possible federal election, the Bloc Quebecois revives the idea of supporting "a coalition of political parties" - presumably made up of Liberals and NDP - to dislodge the Conservatives of Stephen Harper.
Now we need to know where Jack and the Iffy Waffle stand.  They need to make it clear before Canadians go to the polls.  It will be the coalition of the losers or a Conservative majority. PM Harper has made that clear. This latest just plays into the Conservative party's narrative they will use the in the next election whether it be this spring or fall 2012. 

With the last couple of polls in the last few days that have come out from Ekos and Ipsos, it certainly doesn't look that positive for the coalition so they need to be careful.  That's if these polls are accurate and indicates a trend.  I would caution though to take these polls with a grain of salt. None the less this latest from the Bloc partner will make it more difficult for the coalition partners and their media cheerleaders play down the coalition of losers.

Now that Gilles has spoken, it's time for Jack and Iffy to put up or shut up.