Tuesday, May 4, 2010

March for Life Events

For all you pro-lifers out there if you have the time to please attend a March for Life event near you.  The main one will be held in Ottawa  starting Wednesday, May 12, 2010 
For regional Marches for Life, Lifesite news has more information.   
Or contact the closest pro-life organization near you.  
I hope as many as possible turn out to speak out for those little ones who don't have voice.  We can be their voice.  

Mr. Z Can't Just Can't Get It Right

 Mr. Z keeps making blooper after blooper. It makes you wonder who's advising him 'cause it sure ain't workin' for him.  He's been leader for a year now and he's made enough bloopers, the Liberal party could make a Mr. Z's Bloopers DVD and sell them  as fundraising project for the party.  Fundraising hasn't been too good for them lately btw.

His latest gaffe was about the GG. and how he is trying to make it a partisan issue.    Don Martin and Robert Howard The Hamilton Spectator hits the nail on the head.

For one who is an academic and who is supposed to be intelligent, he sure is not very smart when it comes to politics.  If Miracle Worker, Peter Donolo or Ekos pollster Frank Graves is the one advising him on this, it's not working.

As Monte Solberg put it yesterday, "Sorry, Iggy. You're not PM material"