Thursday, June 3, 2010

Libluvin L Martin Finally Has Admitted, PM Harper Has a Sense of Humor

Has Lawrence Martin come to his senses or is the world coming to an end? Maybe he sees Mr. Ziffy as a total dud. A condescending,boring, stuffy,elitist who was out of the country for 34yrs and doesn't have a clue. Watching paint dry is more exciting than the visiting professor. I don't know but he has written a relatively positive piece about PM Harper's image. He admits PM Harper really does have some personality and is not rigid like what has been previously reported.
Mr. Harper has recently had Bryan Adams and Nickelback over to 24 Sussex – and it wasn’t for talks on a new equalization formula. Rather, for live sessions (with Adams at least) with the Prime Minister at the keyboard. He’s got a music room set up for visiting virtuosos. Son Ben joins in with some wicked guitar playing.
This is the same father who was once pilloried in the media for a scene outside of his son’s school. He shook Ben’s hand while dropping him off, which was said to typify the Harperian rigidity.
The rigidity is overstated. Behind the scenes, the Prime Minister is not, as it often appears in public, in need of a blood transfusion. He has a piercing sense of humour that on a good day, aides attest, could give Jon Stewart a run for his money. Another unknown talent is his capacity as an impersonator. Mr. Harper cracks up his cabinet on occasion with splendid imitations of those across the floor facing him in Question Period.
There's a time and place for everything. Time to work and time to let your hair down. Politics should not be a popularity contest. The PM does have a great sense of humor and does let his hair down once in awhile.but is serious when it comes to tackling the problems this country faces and gets the job done.
You'd think from the central media, he's nothing but a controlling,stiff meanie who doesn't have humorous bone in his body.
Canadians want a strong leader who buckles down and gets the work of the nation done. They don't want a leader who is seeking to be a celebrity and doesn't have clue and can't get the job done.
I think the PM has struck a good balance.