Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Child and Family Services Czar Takes the Fall

Alberta Child and Family Services CEO tendered his resignation yesterday amid controversy of a leak stating that there would be funding cuts to foster parents when Minister Yvonne Fritz said there would be none.

A high-ranking official with the Edmonton and Area Child and Family Services Authority has resigned.

It comes just two days after Children and Youth Services Minister Yvonne Fritz was forced to apologize to foster parents, who were told at a meeting with CFS staff that their funding would be cut.

Fritz has said department staff were told just two weeks earlier there would be no cuts.

Fritz on Wednesday said Rick Semel, CEO of the Edmonton and Area Child and Family Services Authority has resigned.

"The CEO for Region 6 did tender his resignation today — and that was accepted," she said.

Fritz downplayed any concern the position will be tough to fill, considering recent controversies in the department.

"The normal process will be followed by the human resources department in posting that there's a new position available in the region for a CEO and that will take place in due course."

On Monday, the New Democrats released copies of a slideshow presentation that was shown to some Edmonton-area foster parents during a meeting late last week.

The meeting was hosted by the Edmonton Child and Family Services Authority.

The slides outlined a formula that would have capped funding for special needs children at $100 per day.

Funding would gradually be scaled back until it met the cap, according to the presentation material.

The cap was to be implemented April 1 — before it was reversed by the minister.

Fritz has stressed there will be no cuts. She said the budget has, in fact, been increased this year by $910,000.

Premier Ed Stelmach has been critical of the NDP for going public with the information, saying instead the discrepancy should have immediately been brought to the attention of the department. Edmonton Sun

Typical of the Ed Stelmach government. I think they have mastered Bungling 101. They go around like they don't quite know what they're doing half the time. It seems like they're making it up as they go. No wonder Albertans are disenchanted with this government.

Oh and even though I think the NDs are loons most of the time, don't blame them this time!

Mr. Semel takes the fall for the Minister. Nice. No direct accountability from her. Well, sorry, Minister Fritz, it is you who should resign not Mr. Semel. Children and Family Services is your department therefore you are responsible for whatever goes on there. The buck stops with you!

Another thing, Minister, did Mr. Semel resign on his own or was he forced to resign? Let us know, will ya?

Something in Quebec I Finally Agree With

There's almost nothing I agree on with Quebec but on this one I do. Quebec has just tabled a bill that requires ladies to show their faces when seeking government services.

MONTREAL—Muslim women will need to uncover their faces from now on if they want to deal with the Quebec government, according to landmark legislation tabled Wednesday in the province.

Megyn Kelly,Foxnews vs Toronto Columnist Re: Anne Coulter

Megyn Kelly from Foxnews takes on Susan G. Cole from Toronto Now tabloid magazine. Cole says Coulter got what she deserves. Megyn did a very good job challenging her earlier today.

Watch here

What's with Mr. Iffy's Fixation with Abortion?

What's with Mr. Iffy's fixation with abortion? Kelly McParland questions his fixation too. He muses about how the Liberals tout themselves as the party of abortion. Didn't end up to wonderful for the anointed leader when some of his own MPs voted against their own motion. It was intended to be a trap for the Conservatives to bring out the so called divisions in the CPC but it ended doing the exact opposite. It brought out the divisions in the Liberal party.

And I really don't get the apparent determination of the Liberals to identify themselves as the party of Big Abortion. They've been on this kick for weeks now, culminating in Tuesday's revolt by Liberal MPs against the party leadership. When Michael Ignatieff first suggested the Tories were slagging off women by not energetically encouraging abortion in developing countries, I figured it was just another misstep by a surprisingly accident-prone leader. I thought he'd quickly be apprised of his mistake, and shut up about it. But no. He kept it up, apparently convinced there are votes to be had by raising the one issue guaranteed to make a large segment of the population decidedly uncomfortable.

The latest post in Jane Tabor's blog tells the story.

Michael Ignatieff surveys damage in Liberal 'clown city'

Free Speech in Canada, Oh Really?

If this is an example of free speech in Canada, it's truly pathetic. Seems like free speech is only for the left, gays, etc. and not for conservatives, Christians etc. Anne Coulter had to cancel her speech last night at the University of Ottawa because of threats to her personal safety.
Right-wing firebrand Ann Coulter, who was forced to cancel her speech to the University of Ottawa Tuesday night over fears for her safety, says she’s the victim of a hate crime under Canadian laws.

She said she’s hired Canadian conservative activist Ezra Levant to prepare a human-rights complaint that will test how equitably these hate-crime laws are applied.


Lorne Gunter on hate speech.