Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why Does This Serial Killer Get Pension?

It has been pointed out by Peter Worthington that serial killer Clifford Olson is getting OAS, (Old Age Security), GIS (supplement) and other income while incarcerated for murdering 11 children in the '80s. Why?

What has he done to earn it? What does he need it for? It just doesn't make sense to me.
Inmates are already taken care of by the taxpayer. Why should these clowns receive pension when a lot of law abiding seniors are struggling to make ends meet? He does not deserve it! He is a murderer!

Law abiding pensioners should be outraged. This system desperately needs to be changed. Take his pension and other inmates like him, their pensions away too and give it to those pensioners who have worked hard all their lives, obeyed the law and stayed out of trouble.

Makes you wonder who the idiots were who mandated that these clowns are entitled to this in the first place. Insanity if you ask me!

Here is Olson's body trail,

On Jan. 14, 1982, Clifford Olson was sentenced to 11 consecutive 25-year sentences for the murders of 11 young people in British Columbia:

1. November 1980 — Christine Anne Weller, 12: Weller’s stabbed body was found along the Fraser River in Richmond, B.C. on Christmas Day.

2. April 1981 — Colleen Marian Daignault, 13: Daignault was picked up by Olson while waiting for a bus in North Delta. Her skeletal remains were found in a forest Sept. 17.

3. April 1981 — Daryn Todd Johnsrude, 16: Johnsrude was visiting the West Coast from Saskatchewan when he vanished. His bludgeoned body was found May 2, 1981.

4. May 1981 — Sandra Lynn Wolfsteiner, 16: Olson had been married just four days when he picked up Wolfsteiner while hitchhiking.

5. June 1981 — Ada Anita Court, 13: After babysitting, Court caught a bus to meet her boyfriend and vanished.

6. July 1981 — Simon Patrick Partington, 9: The disappearance of Partington while riding his bike marked a turning point in the investigation of missing children in the area.

7. July 1981 — Judy Elizabeth Kozma, 14: Olson fed Kozma alcohol and pills before killing her. H

8. July 1981 — Raymond Lawrence King, 15: Olson lured King with the promise of work before bludgeoning the boy’s head with rocks.

9. July 1981 — Sigrun Charlotte Arndt, 18: She was a student visiting from Germany.

10. July 1981 — Terri Lynn Carson, 15: Olson gave Carson a ride and a drug-laced drink before strangling her.

11. July 1981 — Louise Marie Chartrand, 17: Olson killed his last known victim, Chartrand, who had moved from Quebec

Isn't this just infuriating? Well, I guess this is Canada for ya!