Saturday, January 23, 2010

Four Years Already

Wow, it doesn't seem like it's been fours years since PM Stephen Harper won the election but it is.

January 23, 2006 Stephen Harper and the Conservatives finally broke that stronghold that the Liberals had for 13 long years.

So much has gone under the bridge since then. There have been 3 Liberal leaders (if you count interm leader, Bill Graham), threats of election every other week, stalling of important legislation by the Liberal dominated Senate (which be is to be changed shortly, thank God), a global recession that has been a real humdinger to deal with that has affected most countries on the globe.

Then there was the attempted coupe' de tat a year ago that had the "coalition of the losers" ( Libs, Dippers and the separatist,Bloc) that tried to overthrow the Harper government that had been duly elected just weeks before. Thankfully, the PM with the help of the GG, it was prevented from happening.

Iffy had wanted to make PM Harper wear the recession. Well I think the PM has worn the recession fairly well. The economy is doing better now. Markets have more or less come back.
Building permits are up etc. That's indicators of an improving economy. Sure it's still fragile but its better.

To the surprise of us all PM Harper gave a fantastic performance last fall at the NAC Gala by playing the piano and singing the Beatles song "A Little Help From My Friends" with Yo Yo Mah. It was a hit. The video went viral on Youtube with 579,446 hits.

In December, he and Minister Prentice stick handled their way through the whole Copenhagen global warming farce cabal masterfully.

With the terrible earthquake that hit Haiti Jan 12, the PM and his top Ministers, Cannon, Oda, MacKay, and Kenny, and of course our military they have been on top things within hours of the event. They are getting things done.

Our PM is still having to deal with the coalition of the losers and a hostile media for that matter but I have every confidence he's on top of things and will stick handle it through successfully like he always has.

Through all the obstacles he's had to deal with in the last four years it is really amazing, the accomplishments they have made.

If you want to read all the accomplishments they have made you can see them at Sandy's. This is with a minority and a Liberal dominated senate to boot.

Congratulations Mr. Prime Minister and the whole Conservative caucus! May God Bless You!
Here's to many more years of Conservative government! Next time it's a majority!