Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Justin Trudeau, the Drama Queen

Was Justin polishing up his drama skills yesterday when he was trying to defend himself about the interview he made on the weekend about leaving Canada and taking Quebec with him because he doesn't like Stephen Harper.

Some analysts are saying it reveals an underlying narcissism in Trudeau.
OTTAWA — Justin Trudeau betrays his political immaturity and narcissism in suggesting that his commitment to a united Canada is dependent on whether the Conservative government validates his personal values, say prominent political analysts.
"This guy is clearly self-indulgent; he really does think everything is about him and his feelings," Barry Cooper, a political theorist at the University of Calgary, said Tuesday in commenting on statements Trudeau made in a recent French-language interview. "That's a measure of his lightweight status in the firmament of deep-thinking Liberals."
His tirade was childish and juvenile.A forty year old man just does not act like that. Ok, he hates Stephen Harper and the Conservative government. That's his prerogative his tantrum from an MP and some one who one day wants to be come Liberal leader and PM is totally uncalled for. a forty year old man just does not act like that.

Those hopes of ever becoming Liberal leader and PM  has now vanished.    He's done.  He's just not leadership material.   This drama queen should go back to being a substitute drama teacher.