Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Fight For Freedom

 Just as we were celebrating the repeal of Section 13 of the Human Rights Act, by parliament a new fight for freedom emerges.

 The Canadian Broadcasting Standard's Council is trying to censor Ezra Levant claiming he violated Clause 6 of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Code of Ethics.
Ezra is not taking this lying down. He has a five point plan to fight back
1. Keep breaking the rules. I’m going to violate the censors’ rules every single day on my TV show. Not just me — I’m going to invite other TV and radio hosts who have been censored, and invite them to re-offend on my show. I’m going to make a mockery of the rules.
 2. Scrutinize their every move. Let’s point out their inconsistencies and how their rulings violate the Charter of Rights guarantee of freedom of speech. Let’s shine a light on who exactly these censors are. Let’s make it an embarrassing job for them to have.
3. Build a grassroots army. Most journalists in the NSM (the non-Sun Media) are too timid to take on the censors. Let’s encourage them — this can’t just be a personal battle for me. But let’s get the ball rolling ourselves on blogs, Facebook, letters to the editor, etc.
 4. Encourage Parliament to act. The censorship provision of the Canadian Human Rights Act was finally repealed this month. We need an MP to champion this and bring it to a vote — repeal the broadcasting regulations that require this sort of censorship on TV.
5. Contact the bosses. James Moore is the minister in charge of CRTC, the government agency that regulates TV and radio. His e-mail is
The prime minister is at
E-mail them. Tell them we want our TV and radio as free as the rest of the media in our life — newspapers, magazines and the Internet.
Ezra talks to Senator Mike Duffy.

So let's help Ezra demolish the  Code of Ethics, Clause 6 of the Canadian Broadcasting Act just like we did to repeal Section 13 of the Human Rights Act.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Canada to Blame for Europe's Problems?

 Europe has big problems but is Canada or the rest of North America to blame like EU boss Jose Manuel Barroso seems to think?

Conrad Black doesn't believe that and agrees that PM Harper is right in refusing to take taxpayers money to bail them out.  Neither do I or most Canadians for that matter. . Europe's dilemma was created  by no one but themselves.
 Stephen Harper is absolutely correct to refuse to contribute to World Bank assistance to Europe. The reward for the consistently intelligent fiscal management of Canada by both governing parties for more than 20 years should not be to assist rich countries that ignored our example and the warnings of their own wiser statesmen until the wheels came off the Euro-fable in all four directions.
The president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, made the point at the G20 meeting in Mexico last week — in, as he thought, a reply to Harper’s comments on Europe’s self-generated economic and fiscal problems — that the current economic crisis originated in North America. That is not entirely true. It originated in the ill-starred fiscal and social policies of most European countries, and the tinder was set alight by bad financial, social, fiscal and regulatory policy in the United States.
 Barroso is out to lunch. Typical socialist!  North America did not hold a gun to European heads to implement their socialist policies that are now the cause of their problems.

On the other hand you have NDP leader Tommy Mulcair citizen of France 
demanding we hand over hard earned tax dollars to reward obviously failed socialist policies that is the root of Europe's woos.  We have enough of our own problems to deal with without getting involved in others.

Kudo's to PM Stephen Harper for saying no bailout and having their own resources to get themselves out.  Let's hope he sticks to his guns.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Public Servants Go To Church

 Must be really bad for those poor public servants they need go to church and pray.  Don't get me wrong here.  I'm all for  going to church to worship and pray but come on it's really that bad for these people?  I highly doubt. 

Civil servants have the sweetest salaries, severance, benefits and pensions that is the envy of the private sector.  Taxpayers just dished out $1.2 billion to bureaucrats who aren't even being laid off.  How good is that? 

Even those few who are being laid off are getting $850 million in severance from us.   Not too shabby I would say.  It's not exactly poverty besides I'm sure every laid off bureaucrat will be able to land a job in the private sector in no time.

When they go to church to pray they should be thanking God for the wonderful blessings bestowed on them via the taxpayer! Not how terrible the government is to them and how hard done they are!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Should Canada Pull Out of The UN?

Larry Miller,Conservative MP thinks we should reconsider our membership in the UN.

He has written a letter to Foreign Minister John Baird. to consider pulling out.

 The UN has become nothing but a corrupt organization that favors dictators and despots.  Look who they appointed as "Tourism Ambassador" none other than Robert Mugabe  Thankfully Canada pulled out of that body.

Then they have the gall to send a condescending bureaucrat to slam us on our food supply.   What about North Korea or Africa?   People are starving in those countries.

Do you know who is currently on the UN Human Rights Council?  China,Cuba, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia. Yup they are bastions of human rights, right? Don't think so.

This committee tells us we must "redress" the little murdering terrorist Omar Khadr?   Give me a break!  What about the Speer family that was left without a husband and father, shouldn't they be compensated?

Let's not forget the IPCC on climate change. That is all about the distribution of wealth not about climate.

 Kelly Mcparland argues that while the UN is "lousy" organization, now is not the time to pull out.
A central argument for closing the talking-shop in New York would be to reduce delays in international action. But delay is often a desirable thing, and haste often just a means of making bad situations worse. For Canada to pull out would only eliminate the opportunity for Ottawa to exert influence on affairs that would impact us. Gathering up our papers and stomping off home, emotionally satisfying as it might be, would only work to our detriment in the end, and remove Canada as a voice of reason in an often unreasonable international forum.

Watch Ezra Levant chat with Larry Miller about the pulling out of the UN

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Would You Eat This?

While Nanny Redford and her cronies live high off the hog with our money, our seniors in facilities around the province are being subjected to eating crap like this:

Would you eat this?  Would Redford or any of her minions eat this?  I highly doubt. So why do our seniors have to?  This is down right criminal!  I wouldn't feed crap like that to my dog never mind feeding it to a human. Our seniors deserve much better. Some of that taxpayer money that MLAs pay themselves should go to serving healthy nutritious meals to our seniors. Our seniors have worked  hard contributing to the province.This is how they're treated? Shameful!  Call your MLA today and demand our seniors be served real food.  That's the least we can do. It's disgraceful what's going on in our seniors care facilities.

BTW, can anyone tell me what this crap is?

Update: This tweet from Danielle Smith
It is supposed to be pork souvlaki. Our seniors critic sent the picture to me. More here:
 “Dog Food”
Nursing staff at the Claresholm facilities say the heat-and-serve diet has been a disaster for the residents.

Susan Slade, chair of Local 041 (ANC) and a Claresholm resident, said the food situation has become “a major problem” between staff and management and a cancer on morale.
“They told me that one resident referred to it as ‘dog food’” Slade said.
Staff are telling her they’re convinced that because so many are not eating properly, they’re getting sick more often and staying sick longer. While they don’t have any concrete data, the staff is certain that they’re seeing more cases like urinary tract infections, while wounds seem to take longer to heal.
“They might be saving money in the kitchen, but the staff figure it’s costing more for medications and antibiotics,” Slade said.
 Watch this video, it's an eye opener.