Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Is There Trouble Brewing in The Liberal Family?

Oh,Oh!  Trouble brewing over a possible coalition/merger with the Dippers.  Rae vs. Ziffy camps.  Rae is hot for it, Mr. Ziffy, um..... not so much, at least for the moment.
Now, trouble is brewing once more, as Liberal support continues to slide and some of Mr. Rae’s advocates openly agitate for a debate about a coalition with the NDP. One influential supporter said that if the Liberals don’t take the idea seriously, they have no chance of governing the country in the foreseeable future.

However, supporters loyal to Mr. Ignatieff are hitting back, arguing that a deal with the NDP would sacrifice the Liberal party’s history and identity.
 How will it all end up?  Who knows? Will Buffalo Bob get his way? Will Mr. Ziffy get his way?   Stay tuned!  It's beer and popcorn time! Enjoy!
Meanwhile PM Harper and his government will continue working for Canadians getting things done.