Monday, November 22, 2010

Health Czar,Stephen Duckett and his Cookie: Fire Him!

Our health care system is in shambles. Well with a health czar like Stephen Duckett it's no wonder.  He seems to be more concerned about eating his cookie than addressing our urgent issues in the system like emergency room that is on life support. Wait times that are much too long with  patients dying and  having to call 911 to get attention . Some have to wait up to 20 hours. That's totally unacceptable!
  Duckett is in charge of  a big centralized super board where the delivery of health care is controlled and where there is layer upon layer of managers that docs have to go through to get anything done.  Watch this video and you'll see what I mean, it's bizarre. It shows how flippant and ignorant he is avoiding the media's questions. He acts like a four year old. "I want to eat my cookie"

He apologized for the cookie incident but it doesn't cut it. Mr.Duckett needs to be fired along with dismantling Alberta Health Services, the big super board and going back to the regional boards we had before. You hear that Premier Stelmach and Minister Zwozdesky??? 

Roy Green in his column states that our system in is critical condition and has a good idea that would at least be  a start in improving the system.

My fellow Albertans, pressure your MLA, the Health Minister, and the Premier and demand that Stephen Duckett be fired, dismantle Alberta Health Services and go back to the regional health boards that we used have that worked a lot more efficiently.  Then after that bring in some private health care and allow patients to have choice.