Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mr. Iffy the Apologist

Ezra calls out Iffy on his trip to China on the human rights issue.  Iffy was once  director of the Carr Center for Human Rights at Harvard University.
Ignatieff heaps false praise on China, saying its newfound prosperity -- for at least part of the country -- "has been one of the most significant advances in human rights for mankind ever." A higher standard of living is indeed a good thing. But what does that have to do with human rights like the freedom to criticize the government, or to organize a political rally, or to believe in a religion that doesn't have the Communist Party's approval? Is Ignatieff really comparing China's material wealth -- at $10/day, their per capita GDP is still quite modest by international levels -- to the freedoms protected in the Magna Carta or the American Revolution or the Enlightenment?
Ignatieff falsely disparaged Canada's human rights achievements. He falsely lauded China's human rights achievements. And then he falsely implied a moral equivalence between our two countries -- that we are moral equals, and can learn from each other about matters like justice.
The National Post talks about how Iffy is Bejing's Canadian Apologist.
If what we've seen so far -- simpering apologies and moral equivalence in the face of China's dictatorship--is indicative, we say, "No, thank you."
Iffy goes on to slam Canada. 
He even took some time out to slam Canada on foreign soil, declaring that a "gap" exists between Canada's ideals and "reality for some of my fellow citizens." Beijing propagandists were no doubt busily taking notes
Iffy  should know better but clearly is to cow towing to China.  Why?  Could it be Maurice Strong?

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