Friday, June 8, 2012

Should Canada Pull Out of The UN?

Larry Miller,Conservative MP thinks we should reconsider our membership in the UN.

He has written a letter to Foreign Minister John Baird. to consider pulling out.

 The UN has become nothing but a corrupt organization that favors dictators and despots.  Look who they appointed as "Tourism Ambassador" none other than Robert Mugabe  Thankfully Canada pulled out of that body.

Then they have the gall to send a condescending bureaucrat to slam us on our food supply.   What about North Korea or Africa?   People are starving in those countries.

Do you know who is currently on the UN Human Rights Council?  China,Cuba, Libya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia. Yup they are bastions of human rights, right? Don't think so.

This committee tells us we must "redress" the little murdering terrorist Omar Khadr?   Give me a break!  What about the Speer family that was left without a husband and father, shouldn't they be compensated?

Let's not forget the IPCC on climate change. That is all about the distribution of wealth not about climate.

 Kelly Mcparland argues that while the UN is "lousy" organization, now is not the time to pull out.
A central argument for closing the talking-shop in New York would be to reduce delays in international action. But delay is often a desirable thing, and haste often just a means of making bad situations worse. For Canada to pull out would only eliminate the opportunity for Ottawa to exert influence on affairs that would impact us. Gathering up our papers and stomping off home, emotionally satisfying as it might be, would only work to our detriment in the end, and remove Canada as a voice of reason in an often unreasonable international forum.

Watch Ezra Levant chat with Larry Miller about the pulling out of the UN