Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Canada Continues to Own the Podium

As we all know there is another climate conference that is going on this year in Cancun, Mexico.  Each day fossil awards are handed out to those countries who, in the greenies minds fail to comply with the green agenda the way they think.

.Get ready to wave your flags and sing "Oh Canada" folks!  Yesterday, Canada swept the awards.
Ottawa (30 Nov. 2010) - The Canadian government, led by reincarnated Environment Minister John Baird, has kicked off United Nations (UN) climate talks in Cancun, Mexico, by winning three Fossil of the Day awards - first, second and third place simultaneously!
  We won 1st., 2nd, and 3rd.  Pretty good for day one I would say.
Canada wins first, second, and third place Fossil of the Day Award in Cancun today. The award is given daily to the country who has done the most to disrupt and undermine negotiations.
Let's clean up and win as many fossil awards as possible. Let's continue to "own that  podium"    Way to go John Baird! Make us proud!   Show National Union of Public employees and others that Canada will not buy into the green scam and  that all this is all about is the distribution of wealth.
Go Canada go!

Update: In the meantime Japan will say no to the extension of the Kyoto Protocol    Look for them to receive one of those coveted awards as well.