Tuesday, April 7, 2015

And It Begins!

Premier Jim Prentice dropped the writ this morning for really an unnecessary election that is going to cost the Alberta taxpayer $28 million. We go to the polls May 5. We had a fixed election date sort of.  We were originally supposed to go to the polls sometime in the  spring of 2016.  So much for that!

 Why is he calling an election now?  He claims he needs a mandate to implement his plan for Alberta but I think he wanted to catch the opposition primarily the Wildrose Party unprepared  since there has been some upheaval with all the defections before Christmas and just choosing a new leader in Brian Jean.  I could be wrong but I have a feeling voter turnout will be low as usual. 

I have become so disheartened by politics in Alberta lately so I don't know if I am going to and vote.  I want here what the new Wildrose leader has to say before I decide for sure. I do wish Brian Jean and all the candidates, volunteers etc. of the Wildrose Party the best of luck!