Monday, April 18, 2011

Time to Block the Bloc

 Quebecers should think long and hard about who they want to send to Ottawa. It's been clear that the Bloc and their provincial counterparts the PQ want a weak federal government so they can go forward towards their plan of tearing the country up.

Neil Reynolds of the Globe muses about a real scenario about the real possibility of a PM Gilles Dueceppe. 
if the Bloc becomes the official opposition and Conservatives fall just short of a majority.  It could very well happen.
 The election could produce a Bloc-friendly result in a number of ways. For example, the Bloc could win 60 seats, the Liberals 58 seats, the NDP 40 seats and the Conservatives 150 seats, five short of a majority. The result would surely provoke the greatest political crisis in this country since 1926, when the governor-general (Lord Byng) refused Liberal prime minister Mackenzie King’s request that he dissolve Parliament and call an election, insisting that Conservative leader Arthur Meighen, the leader of the Official Opposition, be invited first to form a government.
If Mr. Duceppe were the leader of the Official Opposition, the Governor-General would be obliged to turn to him as the “second try” party in the House. On what grounds could he not? Mr. Duceppe might well decline the invitation. But the prospect of accepting it would be enormously tempting – if only for the historic irony.
PM Harper says the best way to stop this is a Conservative majority.   Then we must scrap the voter subsidies to the parties. to neuter the Bloc.

 We have to work hard to prevent this from happening by making sure we wake up to a Conservative majority May 3.  It's more than just the coalition of the losers, it's about whether we want a united Canada or not.  So you know what you must do!   Quebecers and others vote Conservative May 2.

Remember this before you cast your ballot,  Prime Minister Gilles Duceppe!!!  Just picture that in your mind! Should set off alarm bells!