Thursday, May 6, 2010

LIberal MP Derek Lee Accused of IIlegal Lobbying

Liberals have been have been skewering the Tories for weeks and weeks on Rahim Jaffer's so called inappropriate lobbying practices. Oh,oh well, now they have their lobbying own problem to deal with. What now?

Tories accuse Liberal MP of illegal lobbying for foreign companies
OTTAWA - Liberal MP Derek Lee faces accusations that he's been illegally lobbying the government on behalf of foreign companies.
The bombshell dropped by Transport Minister John Baird has turned the tables on Liberal efforts to tar the government with unethical conduct.
They've been roasting the Harper government for weeks over allegations that former Conservative MP Rahim Jaffer illegally lobbied up to seven different government departments and agencies.
They're now scrambling to explain why one of their own sitting MPs is promoted as a lobbyist on a Toronto law firm's website.
Sun and Partners touts Lee — the firm's legal counsel since 2007 — as someone who works on behalf of foreign and offshore organizations lobbying the government and helping secure government approval for mergers and acquisitions.
Lee is not registered as a lobbyist.