Friday, February 19, 2010

Jack Layton Wants to Stifle the Economy

Jack Layton is making demands on the PM Harper to cancel the corporate tax cuts in the up coming budget to be brought down on March 4 when the House of Commons resumes sitting. Instead he wants the money to go towards more social welfare to help the poor. That's a socialist for you!

" OTTAWA -- NDP Leader Jack Layton asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper Thursday to cancel planned corporate tax cuts and use the savings to spend more to alleviate poverty, particularly among aboriginals and seniors

The two met privately for about half an hour Thursday afternoon in Mr. Harper's Parliament Hill office." (h/t) National Post

I think Mr. Layton is out to lunch here. With corporate tax cuts come expansion, hiring etc. That means more productivity, more employees, in turn more government revenues through income tax, gst etc. Better for the overall economy in the long run. I say to PM Harper and Minister Flaherty, bring on those corporate tax cuts but that's still not good enough for me. I want to see more broad based tax cuts along with spending cuts and for government to get out of the way. Let the free market work. It will help in the recovery and make us a more prosperous country.

If Mr. Layton has his way, it would have the opposite effect. It would actually mean more poverty. More government interference. More reliance on social programs and who would then pay for them?

Did Stephen Harper not once say that "the best social program is still a job?" I think he's right. If Mr. Layton really cares about those he talks about then, let's create the atmosphere for business and industry to create the jobs so that aboriginals and others can work.

As far as seniors goes, yes most need extra help but we can do that as well through our tax system.

BTW, despite that fact I disagree with Mr. Layton on this issue like most issues, I still wish him well in his battle with that dreaded cancer. Get well soon Mr. Layton!