Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Take on the Latest EKOS Poll

I usually don't take much stock in political opinion polls. They can easily be biased and manipulated. They don't really mean that much especially outside a writ period. None the less, they're still fun to look at.

The latest poll came out this morning from EKOS who does polling for the taxpayer funded CBC. EKOS tends to be liberal leaning so I usually don't pay much attention to them but I thought maybe this time I would take a closer look at this one.

CBC's headline says it all. This poll shows the Liberals numbers losing support, CPC edging upward, and the NDP more or less stagnant. The Liberals are probably not happy but then again they're never really happy unless they're in power.

Tories remain favourites in new poll

"The Conservative Party remains the political favourite and an increasing number of Canadians are happy with the country's direction, a new poll suggests.

Anyway let's take a look the poll

• National federal vote intention:
¤ 33.3% CPC
¤ 27.7% LPC
¤ 15.9% NDP
¤ 10.4% Green
¤ 9.8% BQ
¤ 2.3% other

• Direction of government:
¤ 47% right direction
42% wrong direction ¤ 11% do not know/no response. Click image to enlarge

If you notice, we are competitive in the city of Toronto. EKOS politics Click image below to enlarge.
Also take note the last day of polling before the Liberal motion fiasco.-CBC ekos pdf.

Final day of polling (Mar 23rd) CPC: 35.4%, LPC: 25.9%, NDP: 16.7%, BQ: 10.4%, GPC: 9.1% (MoE of 4.56)

Click image to enlarge

To top it all, you have the Toronto Star, usually Liberal cheerleaders, have two negative pieces in today's paper. One from the biggest cheerleader from the Star, James Travers. That is not good news for the Libs when their most avid media supporters start to turn against them.

Seems like things aren't going too well for the Libs right now. With the fiasco the other day regarding the Libs defeating their own motion, they really need to get their act together. They are the gang who couldn't shoot straight. They can take their time doing it as far as I'm concerned.

Serial Killer, Clifford Olson Pension Update

There has been a development since this previous post about serial child killer, Clifford Olson receiving pension.

Minister Diane Finlay stated she was "disturbed" when she found out about this. The federal government has now decided to cut off his pension and others like him. Good news. I hope they can also collect retroactively the monies those inmates have previously received.

OTTAWA — The Conservative government is promising to cut off monthly old-age security payments to hundreds of federal prison inmates, including infamous serial killer Clifford Olson.
Greg Weston

I think inmates should also have their right to vote taken away too. IMHO you give up your rights when you are convicted of a crime and are incarcerated.