Monday, March 8, 2010

Is It Time to End Question Period?

Monte Solberg questions the validity of Question Period. I happen to agree with him. I used watch question period but I come to see it as nothing but mudslinging temper tantrum session. Each trying to get in their 15 second sound bite for the next news cycle. Each trying to score political points. The opposition and the media use it always to embarrass the government. That's why I don't watch anymore.

The behavior of Honorable Members have become Dis-honorable to me. They act no different than a bunch of four year olds. In fact I think most four year olds maybe act a little more mature sometimes than these circus performers.
"I can’t help but think of question period as a form of professional wrestling for geeks and dweebs. Question period has all the phoniness and grandstanding of pro wrestling but with none of the subtlety. I say this as someone who was once a pretty good pencil-necked grappler in that sorry forum and I admittedly had fun doing it, but enough of true confessions. My point is that whatever dignity question period may have once possessed, if it ever had any, it is now just a faded memory. Now it’s about performing like Jo-Jo the dancing monkey in order to get covered on the evening news."
It's a waste of time and taxpayer money that both could be spent much more effectively.
I say can it. Nothing constructive ever comes of that circus in the House anyway.