Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Elites vs the Indivdual

 If you have noticed, tensions have been rising all over the world between elites and the individual lately.  Take a look at Europe, the US with the Tea Party movement and even here in Canada. The population is getting sick and tired of old style politics and old style of governing where government knows best.  The people want take take their power back!

People all over are starting to rise up against big spending, high taxes,debt and defict and government running every aspect of our lives. In the US, tea party candidates are getting elected all over the States. Americans are fed up of the big government elites in both parties, the Republicans and Democrats.

Tea party like movements are starting up in Ontario and Quebec.

Even in the liberal bastion of Toronto it seems the Torontonians are waking up to the government knows best thing.  The citizens there are about to elect a candidate for mayor who believes in reducing government waste and spending. He leads his closest Liberal opponent by 24 points in the polls. It's Rob Fords election to lose.

British Columbians are rising up against the HST.

In Alberta the new Wildrose Alliance Party is force to be reckoned with, a home where disaffected conservatives are finding against the old tired PCs who have grown government and spend like drunken sailors.

You have the elites in the media  and others desperately fighting to prevent a new cable news network that will speak for the individual from going on air. The elites are trying to censor other voices that actually speak for us the regular people.  SunTV will address those issues that are most important to the regular Canadian population.

Federally, the latest is the elite opposition and media vs the more populist Conservatives   about ending the Long Gun Registry.  The Conservatives are attempting to scrap the costly, intrusive program and the opposition want to keep it. Previously the Conservatives had support of 8 rural Liberal MPs and 12 rural NDP MPs.  Now those MPs have flip flopped and going to toe their elite leader's line.   The elites are once again going against what the population wants.  Recent polls including the latest Angus Reid poll has indicated a majority of Canadians want the program scrapped. 

Tasha  Kheiriddin eloquently explains what elite really means.
But being an "elite" isn't about money; it's about mindset. It is about one's vision of the relationship between the citizen and the state: Should most decisions be made by a small, centralized group of those who "know best," or by the individual?

Tasha gives a idea about what the ballot box question will most likely be  in the next election.  Elites vs anti-elites.
So in the next national election, while the Tories' ballot question may be the economy, their narrative is likely to be that of the anti-elite party. Their opponents may have accused them of being "anti-knowledge" in the wake of the census debate, but Mr. Baird's comments turned that storyline on its head. The Tories aren't against smarts (Mr. Harper has plenty of those), they're against smugness.    Zing!
 So here you have disconnect between the elites in the Liberals, NDPs and others on the left and regular individuals.  Conservatives are more in tune with regular individuals and are more willing to give us our power back.   The push back from the elites is viscous and ugly and will get uglier. They are losing their influence and they know it.  People are not buying what the elites are selling anymore.  The people are waking up. If Torontonians in uber lefty Toronto are waking up, there is hope for the rest of the country.

We must refrain the temptation to react to the elite's anger and hate with hate and anger of our own.   We must not play their games. It will just play into their hands.  They will call us the usual names, "hate mongers, knuckle draggers, racists etc."  The best way to fight back is with facts and truth.  Facts and truth always wins out in the end.  Keep speaking out folks.  Make your voices known.  We are taking our country, our provinces, our cities and municipalities back!   If you have an election any where near you in the next little while, go out and vote.  Have your say!  Send the elites a message! 
Power to the people!