Friday, October 29, 2010

Liberal Media Getting Frustrated With Iffy Flip Flops?

It hasn't been a very good week for the liberal media in this country.  Tuesday morning the liberal media woke up to a conservative Mayor in Toronto. That's not supposed to happen you know especially in lefty latte sipping Toronto.  A couple of polls come out  with the federal Conservative party surging ahead with their dear Liberal party either dropping or stagnate.  Then you have Iffy virtually kill one of his own members bill on clamping down on Canadian mining activities in foreign countries.  Heck, he didn't even show up himself. Doesn't do much for his credibility now does it?
Rumours swirled in advance of the vote, with some reports suggesting that Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff — who has spoken out against McKay's bill — had ordered party whip Marcel Proulx to tell caucus members not to attend the contentious vote, or to stay away if they planned on voting no. However, Opposition House Leader David McGuinty said he hoped the bill would pass.
Ignatieff told reporters that while he does not support the bill, he favours its principles.
"This is a private member's bill. I've made my reservations about the bill known for months, but I think it sends a very important message about corporate social responsibility," said Ignatieff, who did not vote on McKay's bill.

 Now the  media seems frustrated with Iffy.  No one really knows where he or the party really stands on this mining bill or other issues for that matter.  So yesterday  Liberal cheerleader, Jane Taber wrote a column scolding Iffy. She rarely does that. She always bashes Conservatives so this was a real change for her. In fact The Iceman has a great post on that.

Today the Toronto Star's editorial   also not happy with Iffy.
Where exactly does Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff stand on efforts to ensure that Canada’s mining, oil and gas firms behave ethically abroad? Liberal John McKay’s private member’s bill to hold companies to a higher standard overseas was shot down in a vote in the House of Commons on Wednesday, thanks to only tepid support from McKay’s caucus colleagues. Thirteen Liberals, including Ignatieff, (who has voiced “reservations” about the bill for months) did not turn out to support it. That sealed its fate.
It also left observers scratching their heads. After the vote, Ignatieff issued a vague statement saying he “remains committed” to bolstering corporate social responsibility by adopting voluntary reforms — agreed to in 2007 — that the Tories have failed to implement fully. Industry critics, however, contend that voluntary reforms are not sufficient to prevent abuses.
Where does Iffy really stand on anything?  I think he's trying out dither Mr. Dithers, former PM Paul Martin.

So what does that tell you?  The Liberal cheerleaders are clearly frustrated.  That can't be good for Iffy. 
They had touted him as a savior of the Liberals. He was so intelligent. . He would bring Liberals back to where they so rightly belong, at the public trough.  He'd beat the crap out PM Harper.  He's not doing that. Iffy is just not making a hit with the public even after the Liberal Express Magical Bus tour and now with the open mike stuff. There is no Iffymania with all their help conjuring up all those faux scandals on the Conservatives, Iffy is not making any head way. Every time Iffy makes these stupid moves, the more Canadians see that he's not what the media had touted him to be. It's making his cheerleaders lose their credibility and look foolish even though I think they lost their credibility years ago. 

 The libluving media are singing the blues these days and if you are  a Liberal politician you don't want to disappoint your them, they can turn on you.  Their patience only lasts so long.