Thursday, April 16, 2015

Calgary Flames Play Off Run Distract From Election Campaign?

An Alberta pollster argues a successful playoff run for the Calgary Flames could possibly bolster Jim Prentice's election campaign.

As the election campaign that nobody wanted, progresses, the Calgary Flames are in the playoffs since 2009.   Will  these playoffs be a distraction for voters from the election? 
  One thing both pollsters and politicians can agree upon is to not make calls on game nights.
"We won't halt calling, but we will go around it ... because it can produce a lot of anger if you call in the middle of a hockey game," says Cameron. 
"And when people are really excited about hockey they're paying attention to that and they're irritated by talking about politics."
By the way the Flames won game one last night against the Vancouver Canucks, 2-1.  Go Flames!