Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh, Oh, Libs Not Gonna Be Happy About This

This latest news on the economy is not going to go over very well with the Libs. What are they going to do? They were counting on the economy worsening as a catalyst to get back into power.

Maybe that's why they're resorting to faux scandals, and smears in hopes something will stick to those evil Conservatives and then Canadians will fall in love with the Libs again. I think they're going to have a harder time endearing themselves to the voters than they think.

Expect more and more of the made up scandals and smear to come as they and their cheerleader MSM get more and more desperate.

"A string of stronger-than-expected reports are prompting some economists to revisit their forecasts for the strength of the recovery Some are now pencilling in higher forecasts after recent reports showed strength in manufacturing and wholesale trade, while retail sales continue to climb.

Bank of Montreal for example, boosted its forecast for Canada's first-quarter gross domestic product by a full percentage point, to 4.7 per cent from its earlier expectation of 3.7 per cent. It now believes the economy will grow 3.2 per cent this year, rather than the 3 per cent it had previously predicted." Globe and Mail

Further proof Canada is in good hands with PM Harper and his government.

Paralypmics a Huge Success!

Not only was the regular Olympics a big success, the Paralypmics turned out to a huge success as well. They're touted "The Best Games Ever" The patriotism felt at the Olympics carried over to the Paralympics too.

WHISTLER — The 2010 Paralympics, breaking new records in attendance and visibility around the world, closed out in a flash of colour and patriotism Sunday night as athletes from around the world gathered under a basketball court-sized Canadian flag and wished the Games goodbye.


John Furlong, the president of the Vancouver Organizing Committee, left the ceremony halfway through to catch a flight to Georgia, where he is attending a memorial for Nodar Kumaritashvili, the luge athlete killed Feb. 12 in a training accident.

But before he left, he told the cheering crowds that the Paralympic and Olympic Games had ignited a country.

"We now know that sport success is in our nation’s highest interest; that through sport we are a stronger nation, a better nation," he said. "We found something special here in British Columbia. And while the world noticed our patriotic celebration and excitement, we at Vancouver 2010 felt it." Vancouver Sun

Congratulations to all for putting on great games, both Paralympics and Olympics!

Lib MP's Not Welcome

At least from their Great Anointed Leader Mr. Iffy, Michael Ignatieff. They have not been invited to attend the great Thinkers Conference this weekend. They have been told to stay home.
Mr. Iffy must think his caucus are not smart enough, not good enough to attend in this great event in the presence of great deep thinkers to think deep thoughts. What about the grassroot Liberals, where do they fit in? Do they get to have any input?

I know I wouldn't want to be part of a party that ignores the grassroots, keeps party MP's from an important event like this that is supposed to be developing policy to take the party into the next election and beyond.

Federal Liberals will set aside shallow politics later this week to engage in Deep Thinking as they ponder the prospect of Canada turning 150 in 2017 under what they hope will be Liberal rule.