Monday, October 1, 2012

Minister of Status of Women,Rona Ambrose, Is Minister of All Women

 Rona Ambrose Minister of  Status of Women, has been skewered by the media party and the left for voting in favour of M312 last week a motion that was brought forth by CPC MP Stephen Woodworth that would have had a parliamentary committee study when life begins from scientific point of view.  The NDP  and others are calling for Ambrose's head. They think that just because Rona is the Minister for women's issues that she shouldn't vote in favour of any pro-life issues and that the issue of abortion should not be allowed to be debated.

In fact NDP Irene Mathyssen say's it's a "literally a slap in the face to women."    Wow!

Rona Ambrose represents ALL women, pro-abortion,pro-life and even unborn women.  Yes, all you critics out there, some of those aborted babies are women, little women who would if given the chance to grow up would  become adult women.   Rona did the right thing for standing up for even women in the womb and I applaud her for that.

No one is this country should be censored for talking about abortion for any reason at anytime.  At least Liberal MP John Mckay recognizes that.
OTTAWA - Liberal MP John McKay says it has been "awkward" to be in the pro-life minority in Parliament since he first came to Ottawa 15 years ago but he believes Canada's abortion debate will never be over.
McKay, one of four Grit MPs who voted in favour of a motion calling for a review of "when life begins" this week, is outraged over the suggestion debate should on stifled.
"It is going to be discussed, and it is going to keep coming up and it is failure of political will to actually deal with it," McKay told reporters outside the Commons Friday.