Friday, May 11, 2012

So Nanny Redford Finally Vows to Defend the Oil Sands.

Days ago Premier Brad Wall came out swinging at Thomas Mulcair who slammed the oil sands in a CBC weekend interview referring to the oilsands as,"Dutch disease."  A couple days ago I asked where was Premier Alison Redford on this. Well she's finally decided to crawl out from underneath her rock.   
“I expect that we’re probably in for a bit of a crazy summer,” Redford said before discussing Mulcair’s comments.
“I always think it’s better for people to comment once they have the information than before they do.”
The premier said she will spend her time expanding provincial markets while making the case to the United States that Alberta’s energy sector is the most “secure, responsible and environmentally conscious supplier, and always will be.”
 The premier talked about her Canadian energy strategy, still broadly defined as having the provinces work together to take advantage of the country’s national resources, saying the country can manage the impact of major projects “to ensure that Canada remains beautiful.”
“And we’ll do it without compromising provincial sovereignty,” she said.
 Not quite as forceful as Brad Walls response.
 The comment drew the ire of several western politicians, including Wall, who tweeted Monday: "If Thomas Mulcair thinks a strong resource sector is a 'disease,' what is his 'cure'? Higher resource taxes? NDP needs to explain", and; "Resources have been the cure not the problem, NDP."
 So she now vows to defend our oil sands. Huh uh, just like she vowed to call a full public inquiry into doctor intimidation. Instead the inquiry is only investigating cue jumping. And yuh, just like she supported the boycott on Chiquita bananas too. . She's mealy mouthed and flip flops on everything.

 BTW, anyone have any clue what she means by "Canadian energy strategy?"