Friday, July 30, 2010

Good News for Canada, Bad News for Iffy Liberals

Well is seems that our federal government will be able balance the books a year earlier than what was planned according the Conference Board of Canada.
OTTAWA — So long as the federal government keeps its pledge on curbing program  spending, Ottawa should return to a surplus position one year ahead of schedule based on how the economy is unfolding, the Conference Board of Canada said Thursday.
Mr. Iffy's Liberals and the Liberal cheerleader media won't be happy about this good news.   They have been talking down Canada from the beginning of the recession.  Iffy said from the get go he wanted nothing to do with it and that the PM would have to wear it. They offered no help.  The opposition and the media were bellyaching complaining the government was spending not enough then too much.  Then the howls of protest because the deficit was too high at the same time the coalition of the losers would have implemented national daycare, pharmacare, etc. which would would have put us in such a economic state we'd be going down the road of Greece.  It would have been spend, spend, spend and no way to get out. They can't have it both ways.

I believe the Libs and their media thought for sure this would bring the big bad Harper government down and it would be easy street for them to take back the keys to 24 Sussex.    It is not quite turning out like that to their dismay.  That's why all the outrage about things that really don't matter to the average Canadian like fake lakes, census etc.

I can't find any comments from Iffy or any of his cabal on this good news.  No comments either from any other of the opposition for that matter. Where's  Budget Officer, Kevin Page, what has he got to say about this?  It's news that should be shouted from the roof tops. 

It's obvious Canada is in good hands and another good reason why we need a Conservative majority to continue with the plan.   If you have any doubts, just look at other countries.  We have it good in comparison.