Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lord Monckton Gobsmacks a Member of Greenpeace

Check this out, this member of Greenpeace doesn't really have a clue.

"Lord Monckton confronting a member of Greenpeace with her ignorance!"

h/t tomllewis

Does the Media Make You Feel Like a Failure re Global Warming?

Robert Fulford in the National Post explains how the media in particular has been trying to shame us for our failure in doing nothing on the so called global warming.

"Apparently, Canada had not reached the standards expected by a UN member. On about a dozen occasions, the CBC told me that our abysmal failure had made people elsewhere consider us the world’s moral sinkhole. As late as Thursday morning, a CBC radio host reminded me that among countries ecologically in the know, Canada is considered “public enemy number one.”

And this about the Red Star non-sense,

"Through this process, the Toronto Star kept its readers on top of what the Star considers should be the national mood. Star editors, understandably, were almost paralyzed with grief over our nation’s carbon emissions failure and our unfortunate reputation."