Monday, March 28, 2011

John MaCallum:Corporate Tax Hikes=Job Losses

Yesterday Roy Green had a very interesting show.  At one point he had Liberal John MaCallum on as a guest. They got to talking about corporate taxes. As you know Liberals want to raise the corporate tax rate back at 18%. It's now down to 16.5%. Anyway, Roy got John to admit that corporate tax hikes would result in "minor job losses."    You see, Liberals want to take the money from the tax hikes to pay for their social entitlement programs.

Fellow blogger Alberta Aardvark has put together a great audio file on the MaCallum statement. Have look for yourself, MaCallum in his own words. h/t Alberta Aardvark

So in a nutshell, Liberals would sacrifice much need jobs that would stimulate the economy for their old tired social programs.   If you want to keep your job, don't vote Liberal, vote Conservative.  They are the ONLY party that will protect and encourage new job growth.