Thursday, February 9, 2012

Is Premier Mom,Alison Redford About to Raise Taxes?

We are running a deficit that there really is not reason for.  Anyhow there is the deficit and have to get rid of it so what to

In the Premier Redford's throne speech on Tuesday has indicated that there could a possible review on income taxes amongst other things. That means they think they have a revenue problem. 
 CALGARY — The first Redford throne speech comes with a flashing neon sign that shouts “income taxes” — two explosive little words in a document containing many other things.
They raise the spectre of a tax hike down the road, although not in Thursday’s budget (the PCs wouldn’t dare — would they?)
The tax bomb came in a PC pledge of results-based budgeting, along with a review of the Heritage Fund, sustainability funds, gaming cash, capital works, the operating budget and, yes, income taxes.
The problem is not a revenue problem but a spending problem. There has to be spending cuts.
 Today Alberta Finance Minister, Ron Liepert will table the last budget before the election call and Liepert's retirement.   

 Alberta Finance Minister Ron Liepert is ready to deliver his last budget before retiring at the end of this session, and he has a new pair of shoes to do it in.
Buying a pair of shoes for the budget has been a long-standing tradition at the legislature, and Liepert bought this year's pair from Winners for $50.
Liepert says he thinks the shoes symbolize what Albertan can expect in the budget.
He says it will reflect frugality while adhering to the principles of conservative spending and the tenets of progressive program delivery.
His critics are convinced he'll deliver neither.
I don't think this will be a particularly conservative budget either Of course there won't be any tax hikes in the budget.  It would be too risky going into an election.

The problem this government has is not a revenue problem but a spending problem. There has to be spending cuts.  Of course that would be risky too before an election, Red Alison doesn't want to tick off the unions and special interest groups that support her.

 Wildrose MLA, Rob Anderson voices what most Albertans want is for Premier Mom to come clean before the election. 
 EDMONTON, AB (February 8, 2012): The full details of Premier Alison Redford’s tax hike agenda should be put on the table for Albertans to see and judge before election day, Wildrose Finance Critic Rob Anderson said. 
After yesterday’s Throne Speech promised a “review” of income taxes – and after several allusions over the past few weeks to a Provincial Sales Tax and the return of $1,056 health premiums – Anderson said Albertans deserve to know which taxes Redford plans on raising before they cast their ballot in the upcoming provincial election. 
 “Will you at the very least commit to Albertans that you will – under no circumstances – increase income taxes or implement any other kind of tax increase without disclosing your plans to do so before Albertans go to the polls on the upcoming election day?” Anderson asked Redford in Question Period today. 
Redford refused to answer the question. 
“Wildrose is the only party in Alberta that stands squarely against raising taxes or bringing in new taxes,” Anderson said. “Ms. Redford should clearly state in her election platform which taxes she is going to raise.”
She needs to come clean and tell us the truth.  She probably will go down the road of other premiers who did not tell the truth to their citizens about taxes.  Then after the election if she wins, she will spring tax hikes on us.

I believe at least Danielle Smith and Wildrose will not keep quiet before and during the campaign.  Every Albertan needs to confront their PC candidate when they come to your door or at all candidates forums on whether the PC party is going raise taxes or not.