Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Morton-Dining Rematch?

That's what the Edmonton Journal is suggesting.  We could have a ground hog day type of scenario again just like Dec.2006 where we got Ed Stelmach. He became the Premier  which has been a disaster. His dealings with oil industry concerning the Royalty Formula to his handling of the recession giving us the largest deficit in Alberta history to the chaos in health care.  Ted Morton officially announced his candidacy last Thursday.  Jim Dinning hasn't officially announced he's running but he hasn't ruled it out.  My bet is that Dinning will  put his hat in the ring again.
I don't want to alarm you, but at some time in 2011, we might all be sucked into a political black hole -- and emerge in December 2006.
At least it will seem like December 2006.
Jim Dinning and Ted Morton will be in a head-to-head fight for the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative party -- just like in the week leading up to the final ballot in the leadership race four years and two months ago. But this time there won't be an Ed Stelmach to come from behind to win as the compromise candidate.
It'll be Jim and Ted in a leadership race do-over. A political mulligan, if you will.
I don't know how it's all going to shake out but in my opinion as far as Ted Morton is concerned, I think he's lost his credibility.  It'll really come down to who else is going to run.  It still won't make much of difference though because the PC party has been in power for forty years, they're old, tired and have run out of ideas.

My money is on Wildrose Alliance and Danielle Smith.  I believe if Albertans want real change and new ideas they should consider Wildrose.

Meanwhile in a side note another leader bites the dust.  Liberal leader David Swann is expected to announce today he's stepping down.  The Libs have not been able to get any traction even with all the struggles that have plagued Ed Stelmach and the PC government.